Wash and Lysol All the Things

it’s not always sunshine and butterflies…

This week I have been doing the <hard> side of mom life. E came down with a virus on Sunday night that lingered around 24-36 hours and then I got hit with it like a ton of bricks on Tuesday night. I have washed/lysoled/oiled all the things and all the people. I am praying really hard that B avoids coming down with it, and right now things are looking good, but I don’t feel like we are in the clear yet.

So often on social media ((and let’s be real, in real life)) we put a positive spin on things and want everyone to believe it’s all good, all the time, but it isn’t….

it isn’t always smiles, sweet words, cooking together, hugs, and kisses..sometimes it is cleaning up after a sick kiddo, ((or your self)), chasing down a wild toddler who just wants to go see his FRIENDS next door who then has an EPIC fit when you won’t let him go next door ((even though he’s been sick all day)), rushing home from work, hoping to get a ((healthy)) dinner on the table, wash the clothes, do the dishes, vacuum the floor….there’s just as much hard as there is easy (if not more….) to being a mom. But it’s so good.

I told someone today at work, that even though I really dislike missing work (and my school babies) that when MY baby is sick there is literally NO WHERE else I would rather be.

It’s really best said here in Eccliastes..


I know one day I will SOO miss this season of being a mom, so for now I will soak in all the kisses, and “mom you’re my hero”s because I know, it won’t last long.





Here E is minutes before he decided to SIT in the sink FULL of water…. while I was quickly vacuuming the living room……. he was just supposed to be washing his hands and playing with his hot wheels bus in the sink for a couple minutes….minutes later I had a HARD moment of having to clean water up from ALL OVER my bathroom floor.. But these few minutes before were so sweet and worth every minute of the HARD that followed



here’s to all you moms out there doing the HARD stuff   <3

His plan is Perfect

In hindsight I realize that I created quite the dust storm, so to speak, with my post on Saturday. I had several friends message me and several co-workers (and friends) mention it to me this morning when I arrived at work. I feel bad to vent via the internet for all to see but I felt that I needed to be honest and I really was feeling that I was going to be needing the prayers as I faced this week. I was reminded again today that God is so good, all the time. Even when we are in troubled waters. I truly felt everyone’s prayers today! Since returning to work full time my quiet time each morning is hit or miss. If we don’t roll out of bed until late, it gets missed unfortunately. One of my goals for 2015 was to be more consistent in my quiet time BEFORE school. It’s important to me that I begin my day by talking to the Lord because it really does seem that when I do this my day goes much smoother (for the most part of course). I know this is because I give my worries to Him and am more likely to stay in regular prayer throughout the day. Laying it all at His feet makes me have a more positive attitude and just feel refreshed as I begin my day. I just need that constant reminder that I’m never alone.

Knowing today was going to be a long day, with preparations for the change, I made it a real point to get my act together this morning and have my quiet time. It really paid off. Along with all the prayers from friends and family ((THANK YOU ALL!)), I had a great (yet long) day at work. I feel good about the change that is coming tomorrow. There will most likely be bumps in the road but I am determined to make the best of the situation. The Verse of the Week on my desk at school is now Colossians 3:23. It was a great reminder throughout the day and I know it will continue to be throughout this week. Our “growing pains” aren’t over so please continue to pray as this may be a rough week for me and some co-workers. It’s going to all be for the best though!

I was going to post a precious picture of Elias eating from dinner tonight but my phone just died! Hopefully I will post again this week and get to share some pictures of his precious little face!

If you don’t start your day off with quiet time, and you’re looking for a way to grow closer to God, I encourage {and challenge} you to get up every morning with about 10-15 minutes to spare. Spending that time in peace and quiet with Him, before the hectic day begins, will give you more growth and closeness with Him than I can explain. It’s truly a worthwhile investment in your relationship with Him!