34 Weeks and Nesting in Progress

Another week down which means another week closer to meeting Elias! Each day that passes makes me a little more excited but a little more anxious all at the same time. Our appointment went really well today. Elias scored well today and we hope he continues to do so right up until 39 weeks when we will meet him!!

Over the weekend I got the intense desire to get a lot of stuff off my “list” complete. Yesterday after church Brent and I came home and we immediately got started “nesting.” I have a VERY long list of things I want complete before Elias is here and a lot of them I cannot complete on my own because I just don’t have the stamina or there are things I can’t lift, etc. So we were busy, busy all afternoon. I still have a long way to go before I will feel “ready” but we made a ton of progress yesterday. I’ve been so blessed with a wonderful husband. He’s been working really long days (6 days a week) for several weeks now but spent one of his only days off completing honey do’s because he knew I needed him to for my sanity. I couldn’t be more thankful. It always amazes me how God knew exactly what kind of person I needed, even when I had no clue.

One of the exciting projects we completed was getting Elias’ name hung in the nursery. Most of the other things were boring like cleaning, cleaning out, etc. Nothing picture worthy anyways.


I think the letters and this particular wall turned out really well. I’m excited about this little corner of the nursery. More pictures of the rest will come later…as it is actually completed. Lots of projects to finish! The nursery is a work in progress for sure, and I can’t wait for it to be complete. I’m really ¬†looking forward to sitting in that nursery in my recliner and nursing my sweet baby boy!! Happy days are ahead. I’m praising the Lord every day for such a great pregnancy so far and praying that it continues to go well. We have faith that it definitely will.

We will go back next Monday to check on Elias again. I’ll update then.
Hope everyone had a wonderful, fun and safe 4th of July.