is that sunshine I see??

PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!! The sun came back out today—-there was some quite fierce wind that accompanied it but after being cooped up in the house for almost a week we will take whatever we can get. We had an awesome time hanging outside in the pool and on the waterslide. Elias’ friend Jack and his mom came and they had so much fun. Elias is still working on playing well with others…..he really likes to be the boss…..     Hopefully that will pass with time and more experiences with other children. We are working on it. It was still a great morning though!
On a less exciting note, Elias has decided that naps are no longer for him 🙁 It is a very sad day except that bedtime has been restored to 7:30 rather than 10 PM. I knew naps were on their way out because he’s been fighting me more and more when putting him down for his nap. That in addition to staying up until 10 PM some nights without being cranky led me to believe that he wasn’t going to need naps much longer. I am going to try to enforce an hour long quiet time each afternoon after lunch but I’m not optimistic about the whole situation to be honest.

****Ok, so as I was typing that last sentence I realized I should go check on him because he was mighty quiet, which is typically not a good sign. Low and behold….he couldn’t hang any longer.  Fingers crossed he doesn’t sleep any longer than 30 minutes because this could totally ruin his 7:30 bedtime. EEEEK.

I couldn’t resist to capture him sleeping so peacefully…..


Yesterday since we were on day three of being stuck inside the house we decided to go eat lunch with Brent. Elias had so much fun and got a milkshake. He had to take along his “baby puppy.” He even insisted on taking the bottle for the baby….. I’m resisting the urge to get baby fever. I just keep reminding myself about all the reasons we have decided to wait until we add to our family. But seeing him kiss and feed his “baby puppy” sure was sweet. I have an inkling that an actual baby invading his space wouldn’t be welcomed as much as “baby puppy.”


Elias is excited for  a fun weekend and a birthday party on Sunday. Let’s hope for MORE SUNSHINE.

the cold that won’t go away

January has been pretty laid back and it must be because God knew we couldn’t handle much more than just hanging at the house. Starting in November Elias got a cough–I like to call it “the cough that won’t go away!” Finally  during Christmas break he started a new allergy med and the cough subsided! Hallelujah because we had been to the dr about 5 times (actually 3, but it felt like more) and I was beginning to be aggravated with the situation. (((I do know and acknowledge it could be MUCH worse))) but it was one of those things that I was worried could be something more than what we were seeing. Finally though, it went away. Then, I got sick. Then Elias had a cold. Then he got better and I got a cold again. Now, he’s got a cold, I’m still recovering (though not nearly as congested as I was) and I feel like this is the sickness that won’t go away.  I’m so grateful it’s only been small little colds that don’t cause too many problems, but it’s never fun to see your baby sick.
Sunday he barely played or ate. All he wanted to do was lay in the chair and watch TV. He would get so put out with me when I wouldn’t sit with him. 🙁

He’s finally kind of back to his normal self (minus a constantly runny nose) and I’m so glad and thankful!

I enjoyed my snuggles on Sunday and got a few shots of him hanging out eating a little breakfast—super fine cuisine–FROZEN WAFFLE! haha.



Like I said, January has been pretty laid back…thankfully. But we have had a little fun here and there 😉






Hopefully soon we will all be well and will get to get out and enjoy life a little!