September–where did you go??

I can barely believe that we  have said hello to  October. Maybe the fact that its still 94 degrees out has something to do with it. ha. Seriously, I am so ready to decorate my house with all things fall and get E a Halloween costume and for it to FEEL like fall but it’s just not there yet. Except for the fact that we are busier than I feel we have ever been!
I am so excited for a new opportunity that God has placed in my life but it has made life crazy busy. I have to admit I kind of love it. More on that, at a later date.

We haven’t really been up to much other than going to birthday parties and enjoying life as usual. Last week we took a trip up the road to a little pumpkin patch. I almost had a heart attack 10 times when Elias tried to run into the road, but thankfully I had backup in the form of our awesome neighbor Harley and between the two of us we were able to keep him out of harms way, catch some good shots of him picking out pumpkins, AND get pumpkins for the kiddos in my class. It was an all around successful little afternoon trip.

I am looking forward to cooler weather and all the fun activities and events that fall brings. 🙂

Here are a few shots from our little trip to the pumpkin patch…nothing too exciting but E liked checking out all the different pumpkins.

 epumpkinpatch_dsc3097 epumpkin_dsc3081 epumpkinpatch_dsc3075 epumpkinpatch_dsc3103 epumpkinpatch_dsc3092

Happy Fall Y’all!


ice cream and lazy summer days

Over the past few weeks it has rained. Every day. Or so it seems.  Me and Elias have spent a crazy amount of time inside-playing, watching TV, snuggling, organizing, and watching more TV. I feel like I have watched more episodes of Paw Patrol than I even want to admit. We haven’t gotten to spend much time outside and he will point to the window and say “it’s wet!”

This past week I decided I wanted to try and take some pictures of Elias and his cousin Scarlett. So I told my daddy to make sure to bring her when he came to visit. I had this adorable little scene in my mind with a quilt, ice cream, a cute little crate…it was adores in my head. Well, a thunderstorm squashed those dreams for me but I still got a few shots of them eating their ice cream cones and then playing in the yard after the storm passed.

E and S 2

scarlett 2 scarlett 1

elias 2

elias 1 e and s 3

They loved running around in the wet grass and chasing bubbles! Elias carried his ice cream cone around for about 20 minutes….lol. He wasn’t giving it up but he certainly wasn’t eating it either because it was soggy and “yuck!” Toddlers–smh.

Then on Tuesday me and E went to go spend a few days at the beach with my mom and sister. Elias loves the wa-wa. But the beach is kind of a lot of work with a energetic toddler. We did enjoy some ice cream on the boardwalk, swimming in the pool and some evenings in the gulf. Elias LOVES it so much and throws a fit every time he has to get out of the wa-wa…haha.

elias edit 1elias edit 11

elias edit 5elias edit 2

elias edit 4elias edit 3 bwelias edit 12-pee

Every beach trip with E ends up with him naked in the wa-wa. Here he decided he needed to tinkle. lol

elias edit 10 elias edit 9 elias edit 8 elias edit 7 elias edit 6

I think he was mad because we wouldn’t give him his way…go figure. I see this face A LOT!!!

We are enjoying these last two weeks of summer. Life will be back to reality before we know it. E turns TWO in three weeks and I cannot even believe it!!! I am in full fledged party planning mode. We went and took these pictures for his birthday invites a couple weeks ago…. He is sooo grown up!!

Look at him last year at this time—


He wasn’t sure what to think of that cake. I’m sure this year he will dig into his piece of cake with zero hesitation!

elias is 2 edit 5 elias is 2 edit 4 elias is 2 edit 2

elias is 2 edit 1