Pray More and Worry Less

We had MANY family “christmas parties.” As Brent likes to call them 🙂 It seemed that for about two weeks we had something going on every few days. It’s hard to believe that all that has came and went already for 2016. We are so blessed to have so many people to celebrate with at Christmas (and other holidays) and I really enjoyed the time spent with all of them. I feel very refreshed about going back to work ((even though I am not extremely looking forward to it)). Ive had time to recharge my batteries, catch up on editing (for the most part!!), plan for 2017, clean out closets, and get ready to start a new year.

I don’t have photos loaded on here from every family event but here are some highlights of some time at home. I literally had 887 images from all the family get togethers and little impromptu shoots with Elias as well as capturing all the special moments of the holidays. But, I just quickly went through and picked some to share. Maybe a more detailed post will come later but I’m certainly not making any promises.

christmas2016-1 christmas2016-15 christmas2016-14 christmas2016-13 christmas2016-12 christmas2016-11 christmas2016-10 christmas2016-9 christmas2016-8 christmas2016-7 christmas2016-6 christmas2016-5 christmas2016-4 christmas2016-3 christmas2016-2

I’m honestly not big into resolutions but I feel like I should always be trying to better myself. So, as we begin this New Year I want to try to stay off social media more, be in the moment, and procrastinate less. 🙂

I’m still working on finishing that book UNINVITED. I am working on focusing less on what others are doing and more on pursuing my dreams and focusing that energy on my goals, my family, and even my students. Pray more and worry less is also something I want to try hard to work on.

Happy 2017!



I love this time of year.  I do not love how  I sort of turn into a single mom in the evenings with it being harvest season. For the past month or so Brent has been picking peanuts and/or cotton every day except a few Sundays so that leaves me to do it ALL. Which means it doesn’t ALL get done. Which is fine. We are all fed, happy, and for the most part, well rested so we are doing good. I’m definitely not complaining because I don’t have anything to complain about! but the fact does remain that this is a crazy time of year for our family. I’ve taken on a little side gig which I am loving BUT that does add a little to our plates.

We’ve been trying to enjoy our free time together as much as we can but it’s been a lot more of me and E just hanging out around the house and running around to do necessary errands.

PS–I’ve been trying to write this blog post since OCTOBER 13–if that tells you how crazy it has been. It has like 5 edits between then and

We’ve enjoyed Halloween, a lot of birthday parties and plenty of fall fun!!! Here  is a photographic summary of our OCTOBER fun 🙂 Hopefully this weekend I can have a more detailed summary BUT this will do for now.


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emw-8 emw-9 emw-10 emw-11 emw-12 emw-13 emw-14 emw-15 emw-16 october-2october-3
october-15 october-16 october2-2 october2-3 october2-4 october2-5 october2-6 october2-7 october2-8 october2-9 october2-10 october2-11 october2-12



Elias is growing so incredibly fast and I love documenting his little personality and our experiences through photographs. There are few things (materialistic) that I treasure more than photographs which allow me go to back to moments in time!

Elias has also been battling a cough and runny nose for the past week or so…pray that passes. This mama is tired and her baby is GRUMPY!! (and super emotional)) Probably because he is tired but..nonetheless. It’s exhausting for everyone. I’m ready for my happy ((still emotional)) toddler back.

I’ve spent a lot of time behind the camera in October. And I know the same will be true of November.

I am now booking  WOODS minis for November 12th and the weekend of November 19th &20th. I am also booking regular sessions from now until early December. You can message me on FB or email me at for more info and to book—–there’s my shameless plug. 

But seriously—now is a great time to get those updated pictures for Christmas cards and GIFTS!!!! 🙂

Oh–and I also just started UNINVITED by  Lysa TerKeurst. I’m pretty excited about it. There’s a group of women doing it in a FB group I am in. They have live sessions each week ***while I am teaching KINDERGARTEN so I can’t watch then** BUT I am looking forward to reading this and still keeping up with what they are having to say 🙂 I have needed a refreshing read so I think this will be GREAT! LOVE her books so I have no doubt this will be awesome as well. More on that later!