Wash and Lysol All the Things

it’s not always sunshine and butterflies…

This week I have been doing the <hard> side of mom life. E came down with a virus on Sunday night that lingered around 24-36 hours and then I got hit with it like a ton of bricks on Tuesday night. I have washed/lysoled/oiled all the things and all the people. I am praying really hard that B avoids coming down with it, and right now things are looking good, but I don’t feel like we are in the clear yet.

So often on social media ((and let’s be real, in real life)) we put a positive spin on things and want everyone to believe it’s all good, all the time, but it isn’t….

it isn’t always smiles, sweet words, cooking together, hugs, and kisses..sometimes it is cleaning up after a sick kiddo, ((or your self)), chasing down a wild toddler who just wants to go see his FRIENDS next door who then has an EPIC fit when you won’t let him go next door ((even though he’s been sick all day)), rushing home from work, hoping to get a ((healthy)) dinner on the table, wash the clothes, do the dishes, vacuum the floor….there’s just as much hard as there is easy (if not more….) to being a mom. But it’s so good.

I told someone today at work, that even though I really dislike missing work (and my school babies) that when MY baby is sick there is literally NO WHERE else I would rather be.

It’s really best said here in Eccliastes..


I know one day I will SOO miss this season of being a mom, so for now I will soak in all the kisses, and “mom you’re my hero”s because I know, it won’t last long.





Here E is minutes before he decided to SIT in the sink FULL of water…. while I was quickly vacuuming the living room……. he was just supposed to be washing his hands and playing with his hot wheels bus in the sink for a couple minutes….minutes later I had a HARD moment of having to clean water up from ALL OVER my bathroom floor.. But these few minutes before were so sweet and worth every minute of the HARD that followed



here’s to all you moms out there doing the HARD stuff   <3

Been gone so long….

So last spring I totally got sidetracked with–LIFE–and let our little family blog fall to the wayside. I realized this week that I was really missing writing and having a way to document what is going on in our lives. I am sure there are all of 5 people who were reading and missed the blog while it was gone but I really like having the documentation. Elias is growing like a weed and is doing some funny stuff and I realized I would really like to look back on  this one day and read about it and reminisce about how sweet and little he was and how much fun it was. I told my mom I have GOT to start blogging again SO–here we are. It only took me 72 hours to figure out how to get everything back up and running so here is a little catchup since my last post (which was almost a whole year ago!!)

We had an AWESOME summer. During the summer I am reminded of why teaching is the BEST job for a mama. This summer I also had the joy of moving my classroom stuff to a new school. I transferred schools this year and so that took a lot of time. I am really looking forward to this upcoming summer when I (hopefully) won’t be moving my classroom stuff to a new place.   Here are a few pics from the summer. We didn’t do anything wild and crazy just regular ole stuff around our area but I enjoyed every minute off with Elias.

Spring:Summer002           Spring:Summer009                      Spring:Summer028              Spring:Summer034                                 Spring:Summer050 Spring:Summer053                                 Spring:Summer099 Spring:Summer109                                    Spring:Summer111 SUmmer1517                                    Spring:Summer147

Then in August Elias turned OnE!!!!!! We had a big shindig at our house in the scorching hot weather at which point I decided every birthday party of his from here on out will either be a) inside or b)in a pool. But preferably inside because halfway through the party I had to make a wardrobe change because I was soaking wet! It was a splash bash and we all had a lot of fun. Here are some shots from that day.. I tried to take a few shots here and there but it’s difficult to chase the birthday boy and take pictures so there aren’t as many as I would have liked.

Last Import - 021 copy                                Last Import - 072

Last Import - 014

Shortly after his first birthday E finally starting walking and he hasn’t slowed down since. He’s into everything and keeps me on my toes!!

September went by with not too much excitement. We had a couple family birthdays that we enjoyed. Other than that it was just school, and business as usual. October was pretty uneventful except for Halloween. Elias dressed up as Donald. He wasn’t into the candy as much as just running around like crazy. I had a #momfail moment and left my camera at home.

November brought along Thanksgiving and lots of playing outside with the nice weather….

November(2)43edit                                 November(2)16 November(2)08                                 November(2)26


We also welcomed E’s baby cousin, Ella Grace, ON Thanksgiving. She’s so sweet and little and we are loving her. E is so sweet when he touches her little feet. He did NOT like mama holding her though 🙂 No siblings for him anytime soon. 😉

November26 EDIT


December was crazy busy at work and home. Jordan Burch took some family photos for us and I swear it was the quickest photo session I’ve ever experienced. I worried all day about Elias being ornery but he was a champ and Jordan was amazing with him. She captured some great images of our family and I am so grateful!

010 005

006 008

009 007

004 003

002 001

Christmas Day was super busy. E wasn’t too terribly impressed with that morning and would’ve rather been sleeping but we had a great day and enjoyed the time with family.

Dec2k15067EDIT Dec2k15134EDIT Dec2k15140edit Dec2k15161EDIT Dec2k15167 Dec2k15183EDIT Dec2k15187 Dec2k15193 Dec2k15211 Dec2k15217 Dec2k15221


New Year’s Eve was spent at home with just the three of us but it was a great evening and we wouldn’t have had it any other way. Elias thought the sparklers were pretty cool but he wasn’t interested in hanging out there for long!


We loved every minute of our time off just hanging out….



The first week of January brought us back to reality with work and daycare starting back. We really enjoyed our break (I really enjoyed napping every day and watching EVERY SINGLE episode of Downton Abbey) but it was nice to get back to a routine. However, I can’t deny that I’m counting down the days until Spring Break!!! 🙂