Wash and Lysol All the Things

it’s not always sunshine and butterflies…

This week I have been doing the <hard> side of mom life. E came down with a virus on Sunday night that lingered around 24-36 hours and then I got hit with it like a ton of bricks on Tuesday night. I have washed/lysoled/oiled all the things and all the people. I am praying really hard that B avoids coming down with it, and right now things are looking good, but I don’t feel like we are in the clear yet.

So often on social media ((and let’s be real, in real life)) we put a positive spin on things and want everyone to believe it’s all good, all the time, but it isn’t….

it isn’t always smiles, sweet words, cooking together, hugs, and kisses..sometimes it is cleaning up after a sick kiddo, ((or your self)), chasing down a wild toddler who just wants to go see his FRIENDS next door who then has an EPIC fit when you won’t let him go next door ((even though he’s been sick all day)), rushing home from work, hoping to get a ((healthy)) dinner on the table, wash the clothes, do the dishes, vacuum the floor….there’s just as much hard as there is easy (if not more….) to being a mom. But it’s so good.

I told someone today at work, that even though I really dislike missing work (and my school babies) that when MY baby is sick there is literally NO WHERE else I would rather be.

It’s really best said here in Eccliastes..


I know one day I will SOO miss this season of being a mom, so for now I will soak in all the kisses, and “mom you’re my hero”s because I know, it won’t last long.





Here E is minutes before he decided to SIT in the sink FULL of water…. while I was quickly vacuuming the living room……. he was just supposed to be washing his hands and playing with his hot wheels bus in the sink for a couple minutes….minutes later I had a HARD moment of having to clean water up from ALL OVER my bathroom floor.. But these few minutes before were so sweet and worth every minute of the HARD that followed



here’s to all you moms out there doing the HARD stuff   <3

so much summer fun

We’ve been soooooo busy with summer fun!!! I honestly can’t even remember all we’ve done this past week.

On Thursday we went to the Pensacola Kids Place with Elias’ friend Jack (and his mom!!). The kids had so much fun..it started to get a little crowded after about an hour and the boys decided they needed a doughnut so that’s just what we did. Then me and E had a few errands to run before we came home, so we did that and then had a nap when we got home!


image4  image1-2   image2


Friday we spent just about ALL day outside either in the pool or on the water slide. SO much fun. This is probably my favorite part of summer. Just staying home and having fun outside.I love not having to load up in the car. I feel like this water slid was possibly the best investment we made for summer fun this year. unfortunately, it has RAINED nearly every day and we haven’t gotten to play on it as much as we would like.. 🙁


Finally, I worked all day on Friday I worked on busy boxes…Elias needed some new fun things to play with while I needed some time here and there where I didn’t have to constantly entertain him. So, I got together a bunch of materials from Dollar Tree, Dollar General, my personal collection of “stuff” at school, and our playroom! I ended up with five busy boxes. So far he has enjoyed playing with these BUT he still needs a little guidance with them. I am really hoping that as summer goes by he will become more independent with them and they will help his imagination grow, help him learn, and give me a little time of quiet ((without sticking him in front of the television)).  Over the next couple of weeks I will explain what is in each box.


PS: iPhone photos will have to get the job done for this post…..little blurry..ugh.

Also, soooooooo super proud of how well E has been doing with potty training. We have even worn undies out in public…which for those of you who have went through potty training, you know how that is a huge feat. 🙂 I’m so proud of him. However, night time potty training isn’t something I even know how to tackle…..eek.