our very own house (of cardboard blocks)

So, I was wondering the aisles of TJ Maxx  ((ALONE)) on Sunday afternoon after picking our groceries up and came upon this box of cardboard imagination blocks.Ok, that isn’t their official name, but you get the idea. As a early childhood educator I am a huge advocate of imaginative play AND blocks ((of any kind)). I’ve been eyeing these at TJ Maxx so when they were on clearance I knew it was MEANT TO BE. I also thought it was a message that there were 100 in the box and Wednesday is the 100th day of school so they would serve a dual purpose. I loaded them up and was SOOO excited to show Elias.

When I got home and showed B and informed him he had to help me “put them together” he was less than thrilled, but he was trooper (per usual) and helped me put them together. I was seriously giddy about these blocks. Elias LOVES to play in boxes, knock things like Jenga blocks over, and pretend so I KNEW these were going to a be huge WINNER. ((He was at a cousin sleepover so wasn’t home to witness the unwrapping))

After eating dinner and picking Elias up I told him we had him a BIG surprise at home. I was so excited to show him. Much to my dismay, there weren’t fireworks and angels singing when he saw them. He was excited for .5 seconds and then on to the next thing. However, I am still holding out hope that he will FALL in love with them one afternoon. They did make for a good photo op.

E was way more thrilled about this new Lego movie….of course…who can compete with Legos?? PS–I’ve heard a lot of great things about Legoland in Winter Haven. We are planning a vacation there during Spring Break….anyone have any good tips to share???


2018 here we come

2018 has started. With the New Year there are always lots of “resolutions” and changes we want to make. I tried not to overwhelm myself (and then fail miserably) but I did have one thing that I wanted to change. I’ve really been making a valiant effort to be less “plugged in” and more “present” with my family. I have greatly reduced the amount of time I am spending and social media and I can tell it is good for my soul.
I am soooo very guilty of scrolling social media and comparing myself to EVERY ((what appears)) perfect mom. This made me feel like a failure. Plus I was getting caught up in the lives of others–and that was a little depressing for me. So, I challenged myself about a week ago to only allow myself to log onto social media once a day ((except my business page, which I reply to messages as those come in)). This has been so refreshing and I’ve told Brent so many times “I can’t believe how productive, refreshed and PRESENT I feel since doing this.” It really is good for the soul. If you have an addiction to social media I challenge you to try this. Every time I have the “urge” to log on and scroll FB or Insta I just go complete a task I have been putting off, or I will say little prayer, or go play with E. It’s definitely been a positive change I’ve made. I still catch myself wanting to log on and sometimes giving in, but for the most part I’ve been really intentional about staying off.
One of my goals (plans) for 2018 is to be more intentional with my life and time. I’ve been de-cluttering, praying, spending time with family, making plans (of all kinds), and simply living with a lot of intentionality. It’s one of those changes that I’ve really had to work on being consistent with because it’s not something that’s easy. It all takes a lot of work. After being at work all day, the last thing I want to do is vacuum and mop or put away laundry. Or even cook dinner. But I’ve been working hard on keeping up with these things because it honestly just gives me less stress when I just DO IT. Rather than being kind of lazy and not doing it.

Does anyone have any tips for a ((working mom)) to help keep the house clean? I’ve been trying to do certain things on certain days, but any other tips are welcome!!!

Here’s to 2018 <3

Picture of my little because he (and his dad) are the the reason I want to be the best I can be.

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