Take me out to…

the ballgame,

the mall,


and gymnastics…

We’ve had a busy last few days!! It’s becoming a time of year where we are constantly on the go. Friday evening when I got home all me and E did was change clothes before we headed back up to the school to watch our ((fab)) neighbors play softball. Elias was soooo excited about going to the ballgame and he had an absolute blast. So much so that he even tried to go play in the outfield..haha. He made it through the fence once but fortunately his daddy reacted quickly and grabbed him up. Barely in the nick of time though! Elias really did enjoy it though…he ran around and played like he was as big as all the other kids. Brent and I agreed that ballgames are just for weekends though because..man oh, man–were we exhausted after chasing after him all evening. ((More so B than me….))

Saturday we planned to go to gymnastics but between Elias’ shenanigans and our dog Daisy we missed it by about 15 minutes so we just went on to Pensacola and enjoyed a little shopping. It was fun but also tiring.

Sunday we went to church which is exhausting in itself because Elias will not stay in the nursery or a class of any kind. ((I’m sure this is 100% my fault…but it is what it is now…we’ll do better with the next one—maybe…))Brent and I spend about half our time trying to keep Elias from disturbing everyone around us. He was much better Sunday than he can be but it’s still tiring. I read an article one time about how important it was to persevere through these difficult times and I try to remind myself how it’s better to have him there learning than to just give up and not go at all. And I also remind myself that everyone around us should mostly understand. Especially those who have been in our shoes before!

Sunday evening we had a funeral visitation to attend and then Monday night was gymnastics!!!!! I’m beginning to really like this gymnastics class…he’s exhausted when we get home so it’s a quick supper, bath and bed which makes for a nice relaxing Monday evening.

Here are the highlights from our weekend/Monday evening.


FEB-23 FEB-22 FEB-21 FEB-20 FEB-19 FEB-18 FEB-17 FEB-15 FEB-14FEB-10 FEB-12 FEB-11



PS—-the potty training could be going better, but then again, it could be going worse. We are trying really hard but when we are out of our routine in ANY way, he has accidents. Also, that’s not a tracking bracelet on his foot, he’s not on house arrest. It’s a potty watch that reminds him to go to the potty every 30 minutes. Unfortunately, even with it we have had a lot of wet “underwears” hahaha

Potty Training already??

what they say is true…time flies! It feels like just yesterday that I was prepping to have a c-section and welcome Elias into the world. In reality he is already 2 1/2 and we are doing things like potty training and gymnastics! I am absolutely blown away by the (mischievous) little boy he is becoming.

Even though days with him WEAR ME SLAP OUT!!!! I absolutely love watching him play and grow though and days are not better spent than playing and hanging out with him. This past weekend we decided to start potty training. Well, really, he’s been going to the potty off and on for MONTHS but i am ((LAZY)) or ((just really tired on the weekends and don’t put forth the effort)). So for whatever reason on Saturday morning I decided to start potty training. He’s done pretty well with only a few accidents. I am not even attempting to night/nap potty train though. I am sure there are 5000 methods I could be trying but I am really just winging it….I have read a lot of articles and this one e-book about potty training in 3 days and I am loosely following that but for the most part I am just doing what is working for us. Suckers and popsicles work wonders 😉

Also, I had this epiphany a week or so ago that he really needed to get into some type of class where he had to listen to another adult (besides Brent, me or Mrs. Cindy) AND where he had to take turns with other kiddos. After a little research we landed at gymnastics so we went yesterday and gave it a try. He loved it so we signed up for 3 months. We will see how that goes and then decide from there if we want to do more. It’s a mommy and me class so  I wasn’t able to take any pictures but hopefully I can one day in the future.

He does say the FUNNIEST things. Yesterday in Target before gymnastics he was telling all the people around us to “stop following us!” It was both hilarious and embarrassing at the same time. This was after I had thrown away his pull up in the bathroom, realized I didn’t have another one inside the store with me (after all we were just running in for dog food…), and he peed in the store. I was mortified. haha. Super winning parenting moment for sure. 🙁 Don’t judge.

Here are some images that show what most of our weekend consisted of…cars (notice the really neat “road” tape all over our floor….)