December has arrived

December has arrived (a few weeks ago…haha)  along with all the busy-ness that comes with it. Our lives have stepped up a level of busy-ness that we weren’t used to since I started working  with JBP a few months ago. Being offered the opportunity to work with JBP has been one of the hugest blessings for us of 2016. It has been amazing and I am really looking forward to seeing what it does for our family in 2017. Learning a workflow this past fall kept me super busy and (a tad) stressed out so I decided to not take any more sessions in December so I could wrap up work from November and just try to enjoy and get through the busy holiday season. We are so blessed with a lot of family so we have a lot of shopping to do as well as many get-togethers to attend. We have enjoyed two family get togethers so far with many more to come…pictures from those to come at a later date.

I tried to snap a few pictures of Elias with our tree a few weekends ago before life got too terribly crazy.

 christmaspjsweb-2 christmaspjsweb-3 christmaspjsweb-4

               christmaspjsweb-5 christmaspjsweb-6

               christmaspjsweb-7          christmaspjsweb-8    christmaspjsweb-9

          christmaspjsweb-12     christmaspjsweb-11

            christmaspjsweb-13 christmaspjsweb-14

christmaspjsweb-15 christmaspjsweb-16 christmaspjsweb-17 christmaspjsweb-18

                    christmaspjsweb-19 christmaspjsweb-20

christmaspjsweb-21  christmaspjsweb-22

I told Brent we should just pretend those are pictures of him opening his presents rather than just random family members. lol–it would take the pressure off on Christmas morning.  Only kidding–kind of 🙂

The whole photo session ended with him face-down on the floor. (as many photo sessions do these days–he’s a tad on the dramatic side) But we had fun and got some good shots of him in his Christmas pajamas. I will, of course, take many more but these were just for fun and turned out pretty well.
Tomorrow is pajama day at school and Wednesday is a half day!!! Woohoo!! I think I am all done with our Christmas shopping. I am sure there’s something I forgot (like usual), but that’s what Amazon Prime is for.  Elias is like taking a wild monkey out to the stores (on his best day) and like a wild gorilla on steroids (on his worst day). SO….I try to avoid going any further than the DG with him these days.

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season. I’m really going to try to slow down and just enjoy family for the next two weeks. Blessings to all!! <3