E turns 2 ((and other end of summer fun!))

The end of the summer and beginning of school is CRAZY busy. With Elias’ birthday being during back to school it just adds extra crazy to our life.  I was determined that we  soak up every ounce of our summer and make the most of every minute. We swam, watched TV, played outside, played blocks, played legos, played paw patrol, painted, ate lots of popsicles and RELAXED. I tried my best to do as little work as possible over the summer. Throughout the summer I did  do a lot of crafts to get ready for Elias’ party this year and me and Gigi even ended up making his cake. (Our regular cake lady had a broken wrist and was unable to do it this year. With her help and Gigi’s help we were able to make his cake successfully!)


Here’s a little synopsis of our end of summer fun!

BOUNCE HOUSE FUN! The last week of summer vacation I wanted to go do a few fun things with Elias so me and our awesome neighbor Harley ventured to the Bounce House. Elias LOVED IT! I really think this place will be a frequent hangout of ours. It’s super affordable and has so many fun things to do!

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Then another day of that last week I got brave and decided we should paint! At first I put his paper with paint in a Ziploc bag. He WASN’T having it. He wanted the REAL thing. So I put a sheet down and dressed him in one of his daddy’s old t-shirts and let him go to town. He loved it and actually didn’t make near the mess I thought he would.edit2 edit3 edit4 edit5

The painting session was promptly followed by an ice cream sandwich 🙂

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He was pretty much over the camera by this point…haha


We ended the summer with his birthday party PAW PATROL style. He loved and I think everyone that came had a great time. We were inside this year. NEVER again will I have an outside party in August. In the words of Addilyn “It was a good party!” It’s so very bittersweet to think that my baby is TWO now but I love watching him grow and change. He is the answer to every one of our prayers and more than we could have ever imagined!






Here’s to looking forward to year three with our sweet E!