ice cream and lazy summer days

Over the past few weeks it has rained. Every day. Or so it seems.  Me and Elias have spent a crazy amount of time inside-playing, watching TV, snuggling, organizing, and watching more TV. I feel like I have watched more episodes of Paw Patrol than I even want to admit. We haven’t gotten to spend much time outside and he will point to the window and say “it’s wet!”

This past week I decided I wanted to try and take some pictures of Elias and his cousin Scarlett. So I told my daddy to make sure to bring her when he came to visit. I had this adorable little scene in my mind with a quilt, ice cream, a cute little crate…it was adores in my head. Well, a thunderstorm squashed those dreams for me but I still got a few shots of them eating their ice cream cones and then playing in the yard after the storm passed.

E and S 2

scarlett 2 scarlett 1

elias 2

elias 1 e and s 3

They loved running around in the wet grass and chasing bubbles! Elias carried his ice cream cone around for about 20 minutes….lol. He wasn’t giving it up but he certainly wasn’t eating it either because it was soggy and “yuck!” Toddlers–smh.

Then on Tuesday me and E went to go spend a few days at the beach with my mom and sister. Elias loves the wa-wa. But the beach is kind of a lot of work with a energetic toddler. We did enjoy some ice cream on the boardwalk, swimming in the pool and some evenings in the gulf. Elias LOVES it so much and throws a fit every time he has to get out of the wa-wa…haha.

elias edit 1elias edit 11

elias edit 5elias edit 2

elias edit 4elias edit 3 bwelias edit 12-pee

Every beach trip with E ends up with him naked in the wa-wa. Here he decided he needed to tinkle. lol

elias edit 10 elias edit 9 elias edit 8 elias edit 7 elias edit 6

I think he was mad because we wouldn’t give him his way…go figure. I see this face A LOT!!!

We are enjoying these last two weeks of summer. Life will be back to reality before we know it. E turns TWO in three weeks and I cannot even believe it!!! I am in full fledged party planning mode. We went and took these pictures for his birthday invites a couple weeks ago…. He is sooo grown up!!

Look at him last year at this time—


He wasn’t sure what to think of that cake. I’m sure this year he will dig into his piece of cake with zero hesitation!

elias is 2 edit 5 elias is 2 edit 4 elias is 2 edit 2

elias is 2 edit 1

Thursday Thoughts

I have a tendency to slack and sometimes even quit when things get “difficult” or maybe just when they get “not easy” or when they become something I just don’t want to take the time to do for whatever reason.  Like it can be really difficult to make time to write on this blog…but I so enjoy when I do it and I LOVE that I have this to look back on and remember what Elias was doing during different stages of his life. So I haven’t completely quit. I am doing it for him so he can read what he was like as a little boy when he gets older. I just love having the memories documented because time comes and goes SO incredibly fast. I take A TON of pictures and they tell a story but I love having the words with the pictures to elaborate on it. All of this to say I started something today that I hope to NOT slack on. It is so incredibly easy to stop doing something because I get too busy. I really just use this as an excuse to do the thing that is time consuming and not a priority to me.

Over the years I have tried MANY times to read through the Bible…completely. I am pretty good about having quiet time and reading passages and scripture on a regular basis but every time I have attempted to read through the Bible I have quit. I will start slacking, get super behind and then just flat out quit. I think I was trying to do too much each day and it would get overwhelming and I would just say…ah, shoot, I’m so far behind I may as well quit. But I have always tried again at some point and that point was today! I ordered a journal with a 180 chronoglical (because the importance of reading it in order of how it happened is super high to me) reading plan. What I LOVE about this book is there are no dates! Just like day 1, day 2, etc. I am excited because I can put the date in there. So maybe I can do it 3 days in a row and then I don’t have time one day because Elias is acting crazy, I can just write the next date in there instead of having to go back and do two days on the day I get back to it, to “catch up.” I know that was super wordy but basically I don’t feel like I will get as overwhelmed if I skip a few days. It also has places  to write your thoughts and prayer requests-love that. A super bonus is that it was designed by my cousin Matthew’s wife, Teresa. This sounded like a paid review for the journal but I am just that excited about it. Here is a link to buy it on Amazon. Here it is. 🙂 Isn’t it lovely??


Other than that, me and Elias have just been hanging out. We enjoyed the holiday weekend with Brent off. Elias and Brent enjoyed it a little more than I did..I got a nasty virus on Sunday morning that kept me down for a few days. I did manage to take E outside last week and get some cute shots of him. Love documenting him growing up…it’s happening TOO super fast. I am in the midst of planning a 2nd birthday party and I feel like his first birthday was yesterday. It’s so bittersweet!

late june3


He had been chasing me with the Hence the mischievous little face.


Here is a picture of my handsome husband from 3 years ago–I cannot believe how fast time is flying! This was the summer after Evan had passed away. I took this picture on 4th of July. It was the first holiday that we had since his funeral and it was SOO hard. There were little babies everywhere and I just remember thinking “my baby should be here.” But Brent’s face and smile could always cheer me up.

We are looking forward to a busy weekend. I hope to document my journey through the Bible (using my wonderful journal) on the blog..I am hoping this will keep me accountable! If you are looking for a great guide, you should check it out!