Summer Days

We have been soaking up the days of summer. It goes by so fast so I’ve been trying to be really aware about making the most of each day even if it’s just staying at home and hanging out. Me and Elias did have a mini little vacation with my mom and sister Kylie. We drove up to North Carolina to drop Kylie off with some cousins to stay for a couple weeks and we made a pit stop in Atlanta on the way there and then again on the way back. Elias is a total road-trip trooper! I was so proud of him…he was so well behaved. It may or may not have had something to do with Paw Patrol being on repeat on an iPad almost the entire trip. Regardless, he hardly whined, slept, ate his snacks and was just an all around awesome traveler. It was a lot of riding in four days for a toddler but he took it like a champ! We made it worth his while at the Georgia Aquarium and then at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta. He loved both places and wore himself out running around and exploring!

Here are some pics from the aquarium. He was ALL OVER the place and I really tried to just enjoy  being there with him so I didn’t get many but he loved it 🙂

Early June - 9 Early June - 10 Early June - 8 Early June - 2

Early June - 16Early June - 22

On the way back we hit the children’s museum and it was a HUGE hit. Me and Brent have been considering taking Elias back sometime soon. He LOVED it!!! There was so much to many hands on activities for him to explore and so many places to climb and play. I wish we lived closer!

Early June - 75 Early June - 105  Early June - 81 Early June - 83 Early June - 102 Early June - 55

Elias was soooo tired and ready for a nap..hence the picture where he is throwing a fit on the floor because I wouldn’t let him climb on the tables ! Also, posed pictures are a thing of the past. I am VERY lucky if I catch him looking at the camera or even in the general direction of the camera. 

Early June - 92

Those are really the most exciting things we have done so far. We’ve hung out at home A LOT. I am enjoying being laid back and not having much of an agenda.

We got a tiny little pool big enough for me to lay in a float on but not too big for E and that is mainly where we have been spending a lot of our time! Elias loves it!!

Early June - 118

May Happenings

May has came…and it has went. I sat down over the weekend to write this post but got sidetracked and it never actually got written. So, as I sit here with Elias resting his feet in my back while he watches ANOTHER episode of Paw Patrol I decided now is as good a time as any. May was pretty busy for our little family. First of all, it is the ending of the school year and that means total chaos. On top of that there was Mother’s Day and a mini vacay to the beach with friends which made it that much more busy. As I’ve mentioned before this time of year can be a little difficult for us. Our Timehop is full of pictures and videos of Evan and that is great. But it can also be a little sad, Yesterday marked three years since Evan passed away. It seems both like yesterday and a thousand yesterdays ago. I like to keep busy because it keeps me from letting myself get too sad. I just allow myself to remember his sweet face and then keep myself busy with little E. 🙂

Near the beginning of the month I took some pictures for some sweet neighbors of mine. These girls are so sweet and we are so blessed with sweet neighbors! LOVE our little “neighborhood.” They gave these pictures to their mom for mother’s day and I heard she loved them. 🙂

Tagert 1 Tagert 8

I also took some pictures of my sister Kylie for my mom for Mother’s Day. She was so gorgeous and grown up looking! Feels like yesterday she was born…But it certainly doesn’t feel like yesterday when I was a junior in high school!

beach with kylie edit 1 beach with kylie edit 5

Then we decided we needed to visit the strawberry patch. Elias loved it but couldn’t understand why I kept telling him to stop climbing through the strawberry plants. We ended our trip there with some D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S strawberry shortcake with frozen yogurt. It was amazing and E ate it up! He has his mama’s sweet tooth for sure!

StrawberryPatch - 9EDIT

He was probably mad that me and Harley weren’t letting him climb all over all the strawberry plants…lol

StrawberryPatch - 3edit

little stinker was stealing strawberries out of my box every time I turned around…

StrawberryPatch - 19 edit with Harley

StrawberryPatch - 28 edit

We enjoyed Mother’s Day with lunch at my mom’s house and then we went to Brent’s mom’s to eat. Elias played with his cousin on the water slide and rode the Gator around. It was a super day spent with the special moms in our life!

Two weeks ago we went and stayed out at the beach with some friends of ours. Elias loved the beach and it was super relaxing. It was just what I needed before the end of the school year and all the chaos that ensued (splash day, field day and end of year Kindergarten ceremony all in one week!)

Sometime during the month of May we also went to Disney on Ice. Elias loved it but he still had a little trouble sitting still…..We had a little picnic beforehand hoping to let him run some of his energy out…spoiler–it didn’t work!

disney on ice - 16 edit


disney on ice - 9 edit

disney on ice - 6 edit

disney on ice - 3 edit

This past Memorial Day weekend we hung out at home, did a little shopping and then got Elias some pools to hang out in this summer. One he can play in on his own and one that he has to have an adult in there with him. I told Brent I didn’t want to constantly be in a pool but I wanted to have an option to do so. On Memorial Day we relaxed and then went to our neighbor’s house for a fish fry. It was good times!! Did I mention we love our neighbors??

Last night we went to graduation for my first cousins. It feels like just yesterday they were having their first birthday party!! Time sure does go by so fast….

Today was the last day of school for kids. Teachers have two days of post planning and then SUMMER!!!!!!!! and I am sooooo looking forward to summer and relaxing, organizing some things and focusing on some possible new ventures 🙂