This Life We Live

I love how advanced technology is these days. I love that there is an app where I can see what pictures and videos I took and FB posts I made on this day in years past. My Timehop is filled with memories from last year when Elias was crawling around but still very much baby. The year before that is pretty quiet but occasionally filled with memories of being pregnant with and preparing for Elias’ arrival. And three years ago I was in a hospital room in a big children’s hospital with my husband and my very sick baby. I love watching videos of Evan. I love looking at his beautiful face in the pictures. We took pictures every day because we wanted to capture each day how he changed and grew. We wanted to be able to look back and be back in that moment right beside that little hospital bed where he spent his whole life. I am so grateful for all of those pictures. A lot of nights when I am in bed getting Elias to sleep I will look back and remember those days.  I love when I can go back and remember. I love remembering holding his chubby, soft little hand. I love remembering him sucking on his little pacifier (with our help). I love remembering the time we were blessed to have him here on Earth with us. I will forever be grateful for the time God gave him to us. It was such a time of affliction but I grew so much in my patience and my faith during those days in the hospital. We grew as a couple in our marriage and we both were being prepared for our journey as parents to Elias. Elias is one of those kids that is really strong-willed. He has required a lot of patience and flexibility from us and I know that will only continue as he grows and changes and gets even more ideas of what he wants to do (or more importantly doesn’t want to do!)

This is the life we are living. One without Evan here on Earth with us, but one that Evan’s life on Earth prepared us for. Each day when I get frustrated with Elias for one reason or another, I take a deep breath and thank God for blessing us with him. I remember his brother and how I would give anything to have him here running around and being hard-headed. I honestly think I would be even more frazzled, crazy, and impatient if I hadn’t lived through the eleven weeks of being mom to a very sick baby. It pushed me to grow and for that I am thankful.


Picture because my sweet boy is growing so fast and I love him! This picture was taken about a year ago. I can hardly contain my tears when I look at it and think about how I feel like it was yesterday.


And this past how he has changed.

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Spring Shenanigans

The last couple of weekends have given me a sweet, sweet taste of what is right around the corner for me…summer. The weather has been beautiful so we have been getting out and enjoying it as much as possible. Life is so sweet with this little boy. We couldn’t be more blessed and thankful for all the memories we are making with him every day!
Two weeks ago we went to the county fair where Elias got to ride rides until his heart was content and he was ready for a nap. 🙂 He did love the ducky game where he got to pick the duckies up over and over…and then he didn’t even want to pick out a prize. He just wanted to keep playing! We settled for a giant blow up hammer that he has proceeded to chase all of us with relentlessly.

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Then the next afternoon we went to his Paw Paw and Gigi’s so he could catch a “tish.” He was about as excited about fishing as his daddy is but he enjoyed running around the pond, on the pier and giving me and Gigi a near-about-heart attack 5,000 times.

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This past weekend was our 2nd Annual Evan Wolfe Memorial trail ride.  Saturday was filled with running errands and hanging out at the horse stables. Then we enjoyed dinner and the auction. Elias had so much fun running around with his cousin Addi and playing in the pine straw. We look forward to this event that my parents have organized to raise money to donate to the Prune Belly Syndrome Network which goes to research Prune Belly Syndrome. It was a great time for a great cause. We are already looking forward to next year and planning how it can be even bigger and better.

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Elias was checking out all the riders as they were leaving Saturday morning.

Sunday we decided we needed some beach therapy. I have been so looking forward to taking E to the beach. Last year he couldn’t walk yet when it was beach season so he just kind of sat there and didn’t love it too terribly much. We loaded up and headed down to Navarre and he had the BEST time! It was crazy windy but he didn’t care once he got used to all the new textures…can you say sand..everywhere?!?! It was in his Subway, sippy cup, ears, swimmy diaper….you  name it. But he didn’t care. Near the end of the trip he even got crazy brave and was wading into the water (with Daddy or Harley) so far that it was chest deep on him. It was so cold and he was literally shivering but he didn’t care. It was an absolute blast and we cannot wait to go back!!! You can probably find us there nearly every beautiful weekend this summer!

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