February–you’re almost gone!

February has not been a very eventful month for our little family. We’ve been working, hanging out at home, playing outside as much as possible,  and at the tail end of this week we have all three come down with a little cold. We are just laying low this weekend so we can hopefully beat it and be better by Monday.  Last weekend was a much needed long weekend and we enjoyed it very much. We ended up spending Valentine’s Day in Destin. I envisioned it being a potential disaster. Elias isn’t much for hanging out in his stroller for long periods of time so I expected that he would throw a fit and we would end up having to leave ((I went against my better judgement to even try)) but he was a real trooper. He played at the playground when we first got to the shopping center and it wore him out. This was a good call on our part because then he slept for a couple hours and we got all our shopping done while he snoozed. We headed home shortly after that and enjoyed the evening at home together. With takeout- because my perfect idea of a day includes not having to cook. It was my idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day…spent with the ones I love the absolute most.

In the afternoons when me and E get home I try to take him out to play. Most days are successful but some days it ends like this and we have to go inside…


Feb - 5

Some Saturdays we have a ton of fun and get dressed up 🙂 He was so over this by the end but he got to eat as many mini marshmallows as he wanted in the meantime….

Febr - 13edit

February2016 - 18edit

One afternoon we went to the store before coming home and he had to have a valentine treat…it was red peep hearts and I refused to let him eat them in the house because they were going to make a mess..we spent forever outside and he ate almost the whole package….eek.  But he enjoyed them oh so much!

FebRuary2 - 8edit

This is a captured moment from Destin at the little park. He was having so much fun and didn’t want to stop to talk to mom or dad! Too busy!!

FebRuary2 - 27edit

I hope the weather is nice again this week and we can spend a lot of time outside. For now he’s outside playing with daddy and I am headed to town to stock up on food for the week! He’s eating us out of house and home!! 🙂

February already???

I can barely even believe that it is FEBRUARY?? It blows my mind how fast time goes by. I know people say that all the time and I probably sound like a broken record but I seriously cannot believe my little baby boy is doing things like speaking in phrases, playing at the park, and sitting in a booster instead of a high chair?? He’s not a baby anymore and that becomes more and more evident every day.
Lately he’s been saying “where’d it go?” anytime we tell him to go get something like his shoes or cup. It’s not quite that clear but we know that’s what he’s saying and it really crazy because he’ll say it when he’s looking for something. He also is really parroting lots of things we say. I love seeing him learn and grow!
The weather around here has been either cold or rainy it seems like and we haven’t spent a ton of time outside in the past month or so but last Friday afternoon it was GORGEOUS outside, so after I picked E up, I called Brent and asked him to meet us at the park for a little bit. We haven’t taken Elias to a park in almost a year because he was really too little to play but man oh man he LOVED it. It made me really look forward to spring when he will be able to play even more. Definitely makes me realize he needs his own swing set SOON…hint, hint Brent 🙂



Last week he started throwing fit every time it was time to get in his high chair so I told Brent I thought it was time we moved him to a booster, so that’s what I did yesterday. He looks like such a big boy sitting in it and eating. However, he still likes to throw his food all over the floor. If anyone has any suggestions about how to get him to stop doing that, I will gladly try them. I’ve tried taking his food away, getting on to him, etc. He really enjoys feeding Daisy so nothing I have tried has broke him of doing this. Drives me crazy because my floors stay gross regardless of cleaning them. Every meal time he is chunking something on the floor. I’m about ready to pull my hair out getting him to stop.

I am sure the next week will bring even more changes and grown up things that he’ll be doing. It’s so sweet to watch a little one grow and learn. We feel so blessed!