Spring Break–Here We Come!

I cannot even express how excited I am for this afternoon to arrive. This afternoon will mark the first afternoon of 10 straight afternoons I will have with my sweet baby boy!!! Eeek. I really am happy to be a working mama because that works best for our family right now but I’m sooooo tired. I am not even going to go into all the deets of our night time woes but let’s just say we don’t sleep real well around here if we aren’t a 7 month old baby-and even then….not so great….

I’m so looking forward to some lazy days, spring cleaning and a lot of  mornings and afternoons spent playing with E. He loves to be outside so I’m really hoping we get to spend a lot of time outside!!! Here are some pictures from our adventures the past few days. I’ve been really trying to be more diligent in documenting our afternon play time.



Elias Playing34Elias Playing31

Elias Playing37

{{he loved playing in the walker while I was working in the shed yesterday afternoon!}}

Elias Playing14 Elias Playing10

{{He loves his jumper!!!!}}

Elias Playing05Elias Playing03

{{daddy lovin’ and layin’ in the floor!}}

I can’t wait to take tons of pictures and soak up the next 9 days with my sweet baby!!

Happy Spring Break!! ((come 3 o’clock))!!!

I see toothies! 6 1/2 Months

We’ve got toothies, and we are on the move! I feel like every day Elias is doing something new and exciting. His first tooth broke through a week and a half ago and his second one broke through at the end of last week. They are just now starting to really be visible and can you say A-dorable!?! He’s been getting up on his knees and rocking for a couple weeks now and he can definitely get where he wants to go. Although I wouldn’t call it crawling. It’s more like this…. get up on knees, rock, lunge. Repeat. He’s had a few incidences where his lunging has resulted in a face plant on the floor and then crying has followed but I think he’s figured out how to hold his head up and prevent that from happening as much. We had a super busy weekend and Elias got to spend almost all day with Brent on Saturday. This is not the norm around here but I got out for some much needed me time. After I picked E up yesterday I came home and really soaked in the time with him because when I don’t spend all weekend with him I really miss h

im on Monday! We took advantage of the warmer weather (although cloudy and not my fave) and went outside for a few minutes Monday afternoon. DSC_0019


{I *think* you can sorta kinda see his teeth in that top picture.}

I’ve really been trying to get outside as often as possible but it’s not always easy because FLORIDA WEATHER. Rain. Cold. Hot. Rain. Cold. You never know what you’re going to get so it’s been hit or miss. I cannot express how excited I am that spring is around the corner!!!  ((and not too far behind it SUMMER!!! EEK!!))


DSC_0890 DSC_0872

Most of our afternoons consist of playing. We are constantly moving from one thing to another and then dinner, bath, bed. It’s pretty exciting when we fit in a few minutes outside!!

We are loving every minute of this busy, lovely life with our sweet boy!!

**Even being up at 4 AM because P*A*R*T*Y time in our bed according to E! {Which is how this blog post is even being written…}}*

Happy Tuesday 🙂