I’ve Had Better Weeks-But I’ve Also Had Worse…

One of the simple facts of life is that sometimes things are hard. This past week has proved to be one of those times in my life for several different reasons. As I type this blog post I am listening to sweet E scooting around on the carpet while squealing, cooing and one of his favorite things to do-blowing bubbles. It makes me stop and think “Did this week really stink or is it what you make it?” Could I have anything more precious than a healthy child? NO WAY! So while this week wasn’t what I would have wished, life is still more amazing than I could have imagined.
I had a stinky day yesterday which certainly wasn’t the way I wanted my weekend to begin but I just realized I needed to turn to scripture for some inspiration and reassurance! A lot of times I want to just handle and deal with things by myself because can you say CONTROL FREAK? But I was presented yesterday afternoon with a situation that is simply out of my CONTROL and something I’ve got to deal with and make the best of ((for the next 4 months anyway)). I realized I needed to use this time to grow and that there is nothing else to do but {{put on my big girl pants}} and make the best of it. It’s just something at work and nothing that I should really even be stressing out about because I know it’ll be fine. Growing pains!

Here are some scriptures that I found inspiring.




{I’m feeling overwhelmed about the change that is about to occur at work. For me it just seems like a big change and a lot to handle in the middle of a school year. Especially when time is sooo precious with a baby at home. I want to do the best I can, and hope that is something I can accomplish while balancing all of my other responsibilities. I do not want my family to sacrifice and vice versa.}


{I was reminded that I don’t get to plan out everything and the Lord’s purpose prevails. I needed this reminder fo’ sho’.


{I need this reminder daily!!!}

 By the way–this is NO WHERE near as difficult of something as it could be. It’s just a situation that I feel like I’m going to have to put aside my control freak self and just do my best.  I have endured much more difficult situations and just need a little uplifting right now. **Have I mentioned I am not fond of ChAnGe (that’s not of my choosing)??**  I have a great life and I am so thankful for all I’ve been given. God is good ALL. THE. TIME. I hope this post hasn’t come off as whiny and ungrateful. I just want to be honest about what is going on with us and this is {{another}} big change for me at work. That wasn’t exactly welcomed. So I need prayer.  Prayer to do my best and have a good attitude. And probably especially prayer to not “bring it home.” (This is probably Brent’s prayer request!) Thank you in advance. And I keep reminding myself that this too shall pass.

Elias and Brent are pretty much doing fabulous though. Brent has been working a little later than normal this week so that’s made the week a little hectic. E is a joy and such a happy baby. I couldn’t imagine loving anything more! He’s loving solids and gets to be a fuss bucket if we don’t get the spoon in his mouth in what he thinks is a timely manner. This is even when he has carrots or peas from nose to toes! He’s so sweet though. Last Sunday morning we were just hanging out before church and I was playing with him down on his blanket. That sweet baby grabbed my face and open mouth kissed me. It was absolutely the sweetest thing ever!!!! He’s been doing it all week. Makes me tear up just thinking about it. A reminder that we are so blessed.




When We All Get To Heaven

What a day of rejoicing that will be!!!

I know that’s what my Grandma Simmons is doing right now! Rejoicing with her Savior. Is there any better place to be than in Heaven with Jesus? ((And an added bonus is that there are probably lot of our loved ones there also!)) I, for one, know that I will RUN into the pearly gates. { And promptly go find Evan!! Or maybe he’ll be waiting for me? }

My Grandma Simmons passed away a week and a half ago. She lived a very long (88 years) and full life {but that never makes it easier}. She was such an example of a christian woman! I hope that I can set as wonderful of an example of a christian mother and grandmother as she did! She most certainly raised a wonderful family who love the Lord! I’m just asking everyone to please pray for our family during this difficult time. Especially her children and even more specifically my three aunts who have dedicated so much time to taking care of her. They have taken turns having her live in their homes and I know they will feel a gaping hole in their lives, especially in the next few months.

I know she’s in Heaven and is so excited to be with her Savior. I can only imagine how happy she must be to be reunited with her daughter Sherrie, my uncle Stan and my precious PawPaw and most of all be so happy to meet her Savior. I know she’s taking care of sweet Evan also. Even though she never met him, I KNOW she recognized him immediately. I think we will just KNOW these things when we get to that WONDERFUL place.

My cousin Matthew shared a story from his childhood and he talked in that story about how Grandma loved the hymn “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” and I only thought it appropriate to share this song. I love it also, and have been humming it all week long since.

I often forget to  “take everything to God in prayer.” I’ve been reminded of this and been really working on this for the past week. Remember that when we give our heart to the Lord we have such a friend in Him and have someone constantly walking with us! Such a great feeling.

Remember that we all have a friend in Jesus!