Happy 6 Weeks Mr. Elias!

They say the days are long but the years are short. That adage didn’t have much meaning to me until roughly 6 weeks ago. I can hardly believe my itty bitty newborn is no longer itty bitty. He’s growing like a weed and healthy as can be. I thank God each day for those things and I couldn’t feel more in awe of my sweet precious baby that is growing each day. Sometimes I’d like to freeze time for just a moment so I can soak it all in a little more. It’s such a blessing to see him grow but time sure flies!!

I’m fortunate enough to be able to stay home with him for several months and I am  not planning to go back to work until January. I am going to go back **some** in November and December to get my feet kind of wet but not full fledged until January. I know these days at home with him are numbered so I’m doing my best to soak in each moment and take lots of pictures. Before I know it we will be dropping him off at daycare and I’ll be missing these {long} hours with him. It’s all for the best for our family though. I am not knocking SAHM’s but I don’t think it’s for me. To be able to work part time is something that I think would be great because it would be a great balance of being at home with Elias but still having a purpose outside of my home. Don’t get me wrong, being a mommy is the MOST IMPORTANT job I could ever have. I do enjoy my school “kids” though and I would miss that part of my life tremendously so going back to work is just what works best for our family.

Brent and I are both adjusting to being a family of three. It’s VERY {{read-EXTREMELY}} different from just being the two of us. It’s great and so fulfilling but very exhausting. Elias is such a good baby and a blessing so I wouldn’t trade the sleep deprivation for anything in the world. 🙂 We are both adjusting to how different it is to go anyplace at all. I’ve braved the grocery store a couple times by myself but I have to time it just right so I don’t have a fussy baby in the store or in the car. That doesn’t make for a happy mommy or a happy grocery trip. I’m learning what works for us though. It’s hard to believe that for the past six weeks I’ve been with this baby almost every waking hour. Except for the 1 1/2 hours I left him with his daddy while I went grocery shopping and the 2 1/2 hours that my friend Melissa came over while I could rest. {{That was amazing by the way!!}}

Enough rambling though..here are some pictures from Elias’ birthday and from our newborn session with Jordan Burch. Her work is phenomenal and if you haven’t booked a session with her DO IT NOW. You will have no regrets. {{I totally just shamelessly plugged her business because it’s THAT GOOD}} Here is a link to her site.



{{He was a BIT unhappy. The big, bright outside world wasn’t so fun after all..}}


Finally, our blessing had arrived. We couldn’t have felt more love in our hearts at this moment! Elias was only a few hours old and neither of us could quit looking at him.


Kisses from Daddy!


I love this picture!! A friend commented on FB that they could just imagine Elias thinking “Oh, there you are!” and I think that fits so well. All you mamas (and daddies) know  how great that feeling is when your newborn just looks at you especially when hearing your voice.


My ABSOLUTE favorite. This shall go on a big canvas in my living room. Can’t wait!! He’s so precious. {Those lips….}








I’m currently working on a post that kind of chronicles his six weeks here on Earth but with a baby that likes to eat every 1 1/2-2 hours during the day it’s a slow process. Hopefully I can finish it up this weekend if Brent doesn’t spend his whole weekend on a peanut picker… Here’s to hoping!!

Again, we feel so blessed and thank you for all the prayers and support from family and friends. We appreciate them all so much. When I look in Elias’ eyes I feel my heart literally swell from all the love and blessings. God is so good! I am sure big brother Evan is so proud of his little brother..who he surely hand picked. 🙂

Introducing Elias Matthew {Gift from God}

What a whirlwind the past four weeks have been. I’ve sat down a handful of times to write this post but each and every time Mommy duty calls and I don’t get finished. I think I may actually finish the post today as Elias JUST went down for a nap and SHOULD be out for AT LEAST an hour. I’ll have to save {most of the } pictures for another post for another day. {{BTW-I used to not understand how moms had a hard time getting everything done, especially ones with newborns that surely slept a lot…well now I totally get it and feel bad. I also never understood the true meaning of tired. I totally get it ALL now.}}

So we were scheduled for our c-section to meet Elias on August 13th at 7 AM. I was so nervous about possibly going into labor without Dr. M being in town but Elias stayed put until his scheduled eviction, thank goodness. Brent and I had to be at the hospital at 5 AM on Elias’ birthday and all went just as scheduled/planned. I prayed so much throughout my pregnancy that Elias would be healthy and that he would nurse like a champ once he arrived and ALL my prayers were answered. He was as healthy as possibly and was nursing like a champ while we were still in the OR. What a blessing!!! He made his arrival at 7:53 AM on August 13th and weighed 8 lbs 6 oz and was 20.5 in long. I had convinced myself he was going to be HUGE so I was kind of surprised that he wasn’t as big as I thought he would be. He was (and is) just perfect and more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.


Here is he BRAND SPANKING NEW!! Just minutes old. 

image 2

 His favorite place to be…on Mommy. 

The days we spent in the hospital were a complete and total whirlwind with LOTS of family and friends visiting. There were a lot of quiet moments with just our family of 3 though and it was pure bliss. I didn’t sleep in the hospital because Elias still had a lot of amniotic fluid he needed to get out so he was doing a lot of spitting up. I was terrified to put him down because I was sure that he would choke on his spit up while laying on his back but I knew I didn’t need to fall asleep holding him. Then if I passed him off to Brent I still couldn’t sleep because each peep Elias made had me screeching “Is he OK??” I am sure that all new moms are like this but I felt like a crazy, sleep deprived person by the time we left the hospital. I managed to somehow seem like a normal person that had it together and Dr. M discharged me after only 48 hours. I was so excited and possibly a bit terrified to be heading home with our sweet baby.

image 3

He was dressed in his best and ready to head home. 

The last 4 weeks have literally flown by.  Elias has been absolutely wonderful and we are starting to really adjust to life with a baby. I’m so thankful for this time home with him. I LOVE that there are times that nothing makes him happy but to be held by mama. There is no feeling like it. I’ve fallen even more in love with my husband watching him take care of Elias. Life is just more wonderful than I could imagine. My love tank is running over!! Here are a few pictures from our time at home so far. This is just a tiny sample of pictures. We’ve taken countless photos!

image 9

Hanging with Daddy

image 4

Rockin’ the mohawk after his first bath at home.

image copy

This was taken right before his first solo outing with Mommy. I was so incredibly nervous about being in the car with him by myself. {We may/may not have had a horrific spitting up incident less than five minutes from the house, on our first outing as a family.} He was super baby though and did amazing. Not even one whimper. I was so proud and excited to get out of the house and have lunch with some friends. 

I will admit that there have been moments when I have completely been overwhelmed with grief and longing for Evan. It’s almost as if my grief is raw again at times. I think it’s because I now truly understand and grasp all that we missed by him passing away. I really have peace about Evan and I fully trust God’s plan. I just have moments where I’m so sad that I never had the chance to hold and rock him here in our house. The list of things I still grieve for is endless where Evan is concerned. These moments are fleeing though and I know he is MUCH better off than we are here on Earth. I’ve had a friend tell me several times that Evan helped God pick Elias out just for me and Brent. I’m not sure how much sense this really makes but it is neat to think about. I cannot wait until the day when we are ALL reunited in our forever home. {{Cue “When We All Get to Heaven”}} What a day of rejoicing it will be!!!!

I want to say thank you to all that have prayed for us on our journey. It’s been a long and sometimes really difficult path that we’ve walked but we are so thankful for the journey as it has molded us into the parents that we are today. Please continue to pray for us as some days are more difficult as others. We love Elias and are so thankful for him. There are just still days that our family doesn’t feel complete without Evan here. It’s an adjustment that we are making but your prayers would be so appreciated.

I’m excited to share photos that I’ve taken with my “good” camera and professional pictures that were taken of us and Elias but that post will have to wait for another day. Cell phone photos are all I’ve got today.. Mommy duty is calling in the form of a dirty diaper. I’m loving every second!!