37 Weeks and Oh the insomnia

Again I say-OH the insomnia. It has reached an all time high. That’s all I’m going to say about it though because I am so thankful to have a healthy baby on the way! I do feel bad for Brent though as I spend 3/4 of the night tossing, turning or getting up to go to the bathroom and then trying to get comfortable again. It’s a vicious cycle.

Monday was our 37 week checkup with Dr. M. All was still well with Mr. Elias. He’s still nice and content where he is. It’s hard to believe that I’m 3 more weeks pregnant that I ever was with Evan. The GREAT news that came from our appointment on Monday was that Dr. M had changed his vacation and now he WILL be here when I’m 39 weeks and my c-section has been re-scheduled for August 13. I was ecstatic because I was so anxious about waiting so close to my due date and Dr. M being out of town when I was 39 weeks. I know it will all work out if Elias decides to make his appearance sometime other than when we plan but cutting it that close was not good for my blood pressure or anxiety level 🙂 or sanity for that matter. Instead of being out the week of the 13th he will be out next week which is still a little anxiety inducing but not near as bad. I have an appointment next week with one of the doctors in his on-call group and then the next time I’ll be going to Sacred Heart will be to have a baby!!!! Hopefully Elias will wait for the 13th but who knows?!?!  I can barely believe that the time has come for Elias to make his arrival but I’m so excited and cannot wait to see his little face. I’ve been acting like a little kid that is counting down to Christmas. Every day I tell Brent how many days left (at the most) until we have a baby. He gets so tickled at me. I think there is just so much excitement for me because I am looking forward to meeting Elias and I’m looking forward to having my body back.  I am most certainly NOT complaining in any way because I know there are so many that pray every day to be pregnant and would love to be experiencing the miracle of life inside of them. However this has been a very rocky road for us  and I’ve been pregnant for the better part of 2 years and as wonderful as that is (Praise God that I’m able to get pregnant) I am looking forward to my body being my own for a while. That doesn’t mean that I don’t thank God every day for His blessings or that I take being pregnant for granted.

Brent and I are spending these last couple weeks making the final preparations for Elias and enjoying these last two weeks with one another. We have been trying to spend a lot of time together and go on dates and such because I know that we will not be doing much of that for a while. Not that we wouldn’t have a line of babysitters waiting outside our door but I know that we are not going to want to leave Elias for quite some time.  I am also trying to stay busy to keep myself from worrying about all the things that could go wrong. I saw this on FB the other day and every time I start to worry I just pray!


This is something I constantly struggle with. I know that God is in control and His plan is greater than I could ever imagine. I just pray constantly for Elias to remain healthy and for Him to keep His arms around us until Elias makes a safe arrival. And after. 🙂

I shared that a few weeks ago I had a wonderful baby shower and then about a week after that my dear friend Nikki took some wonderful maternity pictures of me. Here are a few pictures from those events.  Nikki is an awesome photographer and again I say, you should check her out if you are needing pictures of any sort taken. 🙂

All photo credits go to Nikki Golden Photography. (You can check her out here on her FB page)















The shower and maternity pictures were a huge success and such an exciting time in this pregnancy. I was so excited to celebrate Elias with our family and friends! He’s already a very loved little boy!!

I’ll update next Wednesday after my appointment unless something exciting happens before then. (Prayers going up that all stays calm though!!) Thanks to all who are continuing to pray for our family! We so appreciate it.

36 Weeks

Well we are really counting down the days until Elias makes his arrival. Yesterday morning we had an appointment to check on him at high risk and all was well! There were a few things they saw at my last appointment there that were no longer an issue. Previously I had high amniotic fluid and they were seeing a cystic spot in his abdomen. I asked Dr. T about what would happen with this after birth (they had all been so nonchalant about it that I wasn’t too worried) and he said “Well, nothing, because I’m not seeing it today!” I was relieved to hear that because even though it supposedly wasn’t a big deal I still didn’t like the idea that there was something possibly going on. I am sure that is just me being anxious but I had really been praying that it would be gone when they did the ultrasound yesterday morning and Praise the Lord-it was. God is good! He did say he would recommend an ultrasound just to check things out once Elias is born but I feel so much better about that. Oh, and they did measurements on Elias yesterday and he is approximately 7 lbs 10 oz. It’s no wonder I look like I’m having twins any day now with a baby that big already. Especially since I’m all of 5’1″ with a short waist! There’s no where but out for that big ole baby to go. I’m quite relieved that we are already planning for a c-section since there is a possibility that he is going to be quite a chunker. I know it’s just an estimate and I keep telling myself that but they did measurements on Evan right before he was born and they were spot on with him. Time will tell. Brent has been saying all along “You don’t need those newborn clothes. He isn’t going to fit into them.” I’m just now thinking he may be about right.

It was so great to see Dr. T and all the wonderful staff at RPC but we were ecstatic when Dr. T told us we had their blessing and we had “graduated” from there. Yay! I can’t wait to take Elias to meet all of them because they have been such a huge part of our journey!! After that appointment we walked over to Dr. M so that I could get checked and have some reassurance that I wasn’t going into labor any time super soon and all things were still the same. Elias seems to be quite comfy where he is and that is great with me! We discussed who would deliver if I happened to go into labor the week Dr. M is on vacation and I feel so much better about that now also.

Here is a picture from maternity pictures that my friend Nikki took for me last week.  She did a great job and I was so happy with the way all the pictures turned out. If anyone is needing pictures they should definitely check her out 🙂 There are a lot more (in addition to shower pics) to share but those will come at a later date. I just love this onesie and CAN NOT WAIT to see Elias wear it

P.S. It’s size newborn so I’m REALLY hoping he can squeeze into it for a little while. 🙂



We’ve had a great week with an awesome shower given by our Sunday School class. We are so blessed with a wonderful group of friends at PTBC. Then we celebrated my mother and sister in law’s birthdays on Sunday evening. Then all that great news at our appointments yesterday. God is so good all the time and we are feeling wonderfully blessed!! I’ll go back to Dr. M next Monday and will update after that. Have a great end of the week and weekend 🙂