Update on Baby Elias

Yesterday we had an appointment at high risk to check on Elias. All was well with him at this point and we got to see some shots of his sweet face. This proved to be a little difficult. I think he was showing us what may be a stubborn personality. (I have no idea where he could possibly get that from since neither of his parents are stubborn…) As of yesterday Elias was breech with butt down and his hands and feet up by his face! He also is already measuring about 5 lbs. We may have a chunky baby on our hands. In this way he definitely takes after his brother!!


Isn’t that the most perfect little face ever??

Then they were able to catch him yawning. 🙂

image 2

My amniotic fluid was a little higher than normal. The doctor said this was probably just because I am a “good incubator” but they want us to come back in 4 weeks to check things out again. Time is flying and we feel so blessed that things are going so well with Elias. This morning I was reflecting on how my pregnancy with Evan was going at this same point (32 weeks). I had already been in the hospital once and was very close to meeting Evan. Unless something huge changes, we are not nearly that close to meeting Elias and I thank God repeatedly each day for this blessing! We want to keep him cooking for as long as he needs.

Brent and I are so excited about meeting our sweet baby and we pray that the rest of the pregnancy continues to go smoothly! Please keep us in your prayers as we are coming up on the home stretch!

I should have another update next week after our regular appointment with Dr. M.


Catching Up

So much has happened since I wrote on Evan’s birthday. We passed many milestones-Mother’s Day, the anniversary of Evan’s death and Father’s Day. All of these days were difficult times for us. Even though they were hard times we made it through with lots of prayer, leaning on God and of course leaning on one another. We know that happy days are ahead! I am currently 31 weeks pregnant with our precious baby boy, Elias Matthew. We couldn’t be more excited and feel more blessed. So far things are going smoothly with the pregnancy and we just pray each day that it continues that way until we hold him in our arms! It’s hard to completely breathe a sigh of relief. Our doctor explained that we probably have some PTSD and therefore it’ll be a roller coaster of emotions for us throughout the entire pregnancy. This has proven to be very true!

Here are a few pictures from the last few months that show what all we’ve been up to. It’s been busy times!

 image 3

This is a tree that we (Brent) planted in our backyard in memory of Evan. Our sweet friend Deanna gave it to us around Evan’s birthday but it rained that day and didn’t get planted for another week or so. There is a sweet stepping stone that my aunt Becky gave us that we put out there with it. It says “If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.” Even typing that quote brings tears to my eyes because it’s so very true. The love we had and still have for Evan is so abundant. (It really makes me stop and think about how mud God loves us and how we never could really understand how much love He has for all of us. Isn’t it amazing??)

image 2

This picture is from April. We were at my cousin Kayla’s wedding.

image 4

This picture is from May 31. That was the first anniversary of Evan’s death and we went and stayed out at the beach at my cousin Andrea’s condo. Her and her husband were so generous to let us go out there and get away for that weekend. We knew it would be a difficult day for us as we remembered that day one year ago. I can still close my eyes and take myself back to the very moment that Evan passed away in my arms. We felt like it would be easier for us to be away from home for that weekend. The angle of this picture is terrible but it’s the only one I have. We were waiting to eat dinner. That weekend passed quickly and being away really made the day and weekend sting a little less. That will always be a hard day for us but we know that God will carry us through!


Finally, here is a picture of Brent putting up paper lanterns in the nursery. We painted a couple months ago and have started working on getting the nursery ready for Elias. We still have a LONG way to go but it is coming together little by little. I will share pictures of it once it is finished. That will most likely be the day before I go in for my C-section.

I just wanted to take some time to update everyone on what is going on in our life at this moment. Now that school is out I hope to be able to do so more often. I am looking forward to the rest of this summer and meeting our sweet baby in about 9 weeks (or less)!