I Fell Off The Thankful Wagon…On To The Next Holiday

So one evening last week I sat down, began a post for more days of thankful, ended up needing to cook dinner or do laundry (or some other domesticated task) and I never returned to that post. Then on Wednesday Brent and I struck out for Tennessee where there was {gasp} no wifi OR {double gasp} no cell phone service (at our cabin).  Last night we finally returned home but blogging didn’t get crossed off my list of things I needed to do. So..here I am.

At the end of November I reflected on the fact that my blessings are so many that I had a hard time choosing each day ONE specific thing to be grateful for. I am forever thankful for my relationship with God, my family, friends, job and house, etc. I was specifically grateful last week for the ability to get away for the Thanksgiving holiday. As the holiday was creeping closer and closer we had several conversations about how hard it was going to be. Thanksgiving {and Christmas for that matter} just wasn’t going to look anything like we had imagined it would, at this time last year. One day while I was at school, out of nowhere during one of my breaks it just hit me-we needed to get away for the holiday. I called Brent and asked his thoughts on it and he was completely on board. Over the next couple days we booked a cabin and let our families know we were going to be getting away this year. Everyone completely understood. I knew that I would be sad and miss Evan no matter where I was, I just felt like being away from normalcy would allow us to be distracted a little bit and hopefully be a little less sad. Also, we REALLY needed some time away that was an actual vacation. The time away from our everyday responsibilities, television, Wi-Fi and cell phones was much needed for us. As we are treading into the territory of trying to get pregnant again life has gotten a little stressful. I’ve prayed so much to God for us to get pregnant with a healthy baby in His time but my heart aches for a baby so much that it’s been tough. It was so incredibly easy for us to get pregnant with Evan that it’s a little scary to think about how it may not be like that next time.

Yesterday I read a blog post about a couple that’s been trying to get pregnant for a while and I was astounded by the faith that Carrie has. You can read Carrie’s post here. I would try to summarize but I could never do her post justice. Although Carrie and Jared aren’t facing the same exact scenario that Brent and I are, our situations are similar. We all thought that our lives would look much different right now than they do. We all thought we would have babies here on Earth right now-rather than angel babies. I pray daily for Carrie and Jared and I urge you to do the same. I’ve prayed so many of the prayers for her that I’ve also prayed for myself. I promise you’ll be blessed by reading her story!

Back to our vacation….we had a wonderful time together. We really missed our families but it was so rejuvenating to just come and go as we please. On Wednesday we drove up and it took a really long time. Holiday traffic-enough said. On Thursday we just hung out around Pigeon Forge and then went to the Dixie Stampede. It did not disappoint. Friday we did some shopping before heading to Gatlinburg to just walk around. Saturday was filled with football fun. How about them Auburn Tigers??? That was an amazing play! I was more excited about Florida State’s win against the Gators but I was tickled pink for Brent. I’ll admit that was a little selfish because I knew he would be in a much better mood if they won. Sunday we went to Cade’s Cove. I got some AMAZING pictures that I’ll post later when I can actually see the floor in my “back room.”  Then yesterday we drove home. We took our time and had no itinerary the whole entire time we were there. If you know me very well then you probably know how much this was driving me crazy as we were headed up there. However, it was a huge blessing to just enjoy one another and not be worried about the time.

Today was back to the grind. I’m pretty excited about the next three weeks. Tomorrow Brent and I are starting the Advent calendar that I wrote about a few weeks ago. You can find it here. It isn’t too late to start! What better way to kick off the season than with some random acts of kindness?? It’s for a GREAT cause! Again, I promise you will be blessed by this story!

Tomorrow my students will meet their Elf (on the Shelf). Today we wrote persuasive letters to Santa about why we need an elf in our classroom. I “emailed” them to Santa. Tomorrow the elf will make her arrival. I’m pretty excited about this. This is the first year that I’ve done this in my classroom and I’m curious to see if it has any impact on their behavior. {Even though they are an AWESOME class!!} Some of the kids in my class have elves at home but some don’t so I want the ones that don’t to have the experience! I think it’ll be fun and bring some added joy to our classroom!

Well, I’m off to bake some chicken and steam some broccoli. Have a wonderful week!