Thankful Days 18 and 19….thankful for boring?

Another Monday has came and went and on that Monday I was so thankful for being able to rest! Mondays always wear me out because I am going ninety to nothing all day long. So on day 18 of thankfulness I was thankful for resting and the ability to do so! It was much needed and much enjoyed!

Today on day 19 I am so thankful for “boring.”  Follow me while I chase a rabbit…..I read several blogs on a daily basis. A couple of my favorites are Big Mama and BooMama. I also read Ree Drummond over at The Pioneer Woman  and Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience. I definitely am not someone who has time to sit down and read blogs on a daily basis but I do sit down every few days and read through a few blogs. Not always the same ones and not always those which I listed above but I really enjoy relaxing and reading these blogs. All this to say that while I was reading BooMama’s post from today I ended up reading Ann Voskamp’s post from Friday about “boring” men. It made me think about my “boring” life. The life where I feel like all I do is go to work, come home, cook dinner, do laundry/clean house, go to bed, and repeat.  That rundown is leaving out  lots of small details that take place on a day-to-day basis, but that sums up most weekdays. I am so thankful for my ‘boring’ husband and my ‘boring’ life. This time last year my life went from pretty ‘boring’ to quite exciting (not in a good way). Brent is such a dependable, ‘boring’, loving, and, supportive husband. Brent didn’t propose to me in any fancy way, hire any secret photographer, video his proposal or anything like that. Instead he is ‘boring’ and that couldn’t be any more wonderful because he loves me the way that Christ loves the Church! What could be better? I’ll take that over a fancy proposal that’s YouTube worthy any day! Here’s to forever with my ‘boring’ husband.

Ladies, if you ever find yourself thinking “I wish my insert husband’s name here was more romantic.” then do yourself a favor and head over to A Holy Experience and read this post from Friday. It’s worth the time that it takes to read it and may make you realize how un-important being romantic is and how wonderful ‘boring’ can be!

Have a wonderful Hump Day!

Evan’s 8 Month Birthday and Thankful Days 14 through 17

I’m having a tendency to get behind….I’m really going to try to not let that happen this week.

#14 Evan- I know this is a repeat but I am so very thankful for having Evan. On Friday he would’ve been 8 months old. It’s so strange to think of the things he would be doing if he were still here on Earth with us. I cannot even imagine him as an 8 month old and I’m glad that he’s not having to endure the pains that life on Earth can bring, but we sure do miss him. Here lately not a day goes by that I don’t have tears roll down my face. These tears do not represent sadness for Evan being in Heaven with our Lord but from the hurt in my heart of not having him here with us. As the holidays near it’s getting harder and harder each day. I’m trying each day to remind myself to rejoice that one day I will be with him again. We are just missing him even more with the holidays coming up. Please keep us in your prayers. This first holiday season without him is going to be very hard.

#15 Fellowship with Friends- On Friday night my friend and coworker hosted an Open House featuring several products that some of her friends sell, including me with Origami Owl. She also had someone there with Scentsy, Mary Kay, and Thirty-One. It was a great night spent with friends. Plus I made a little extra cash for the holidays which I can definitely not complain about! It was great to spend time with friends. I was still feeling a little under the weather but not enough to keep me from going. I am looking forward to the next time we get to do something like this!

#16 Dates with my husband-After spending the whole day at a math workshop I was so thankful to go on a date with Brent last night. Although the extent of our dates are going to dinner, it was still nice to get out and spend time together.

#17 Forgiveness- Our sermon was about forgiveness and letting go of our regrets about sin. I needed to hear this. Each and every day I think about sins I’ve committed in the past even though I’ve already reprinted for these sins. But I shouldn’t be thinking about them. As the new week begins I am going to try really hard to let go of my regrets about my sins! I am so thankful for God’s forgiveness!!

It’s been a great weekend. This morning we turned in our Operation Christmas Child boxes. It was awesome to think about how many children are going to have a special box this season! And I loved putting the boxes together!

Unfortunately I have morning duty this week-yucko! Keep me in your thoughts from 7:05-7:30 AM. haha.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!!