Happy Memorial Day

Our family has had a good holiday weekend so far. We’ve enjoyed company from both of our families. Also, our Sunday school teachers came by yesterday and we met their sweet daughter. It is always great to see people from home! Evan has had a great weekend. He’s slept a lot but several times he has spent a couple hour awake enjoying Mickey Mouse. Hopefully it will be another great day. Brent and I will be heading home this evening for me to work for a couple days. The school year is coming to an end and there are always loose ends that need to be tied up. Between that and spending time with our baby boy the next few weeks promise to be quite busy!
We hope everyone has a great Memorial Day. Thank you to those who have served our country past, those who presently serve and those who will serve in the future!
Here is our precious Evan enjoying the Mickey Mouse hot dog song.. (I think I’ll be singing it in my sleep…)

We are specifically continuing to pray for the will for Evan’s life to be done! He’s been stable and remains that way. His lungs are still requiring a lot of support! We want him off that vent!! 🙂

Another week down..

The past week has been another pretty uneventful week. Evan has been doing fairly well. He’s been on antibiotics for his pneumonia and seems to be getting better from that. The question right now is whether he will have a chronic mucous problem which may prevent him from getting off the ventilator anytime in the near future. We should have some answers more concretely about that in the next week or so and are planning to meet with the doctor next Friday to discuss this. Brent and I just want to know  what to expect in the future. The pulmonary doctor is also supposed to come by sometime today to give his perspective on lung development and the mucous problems Evan has been having. As I sit here I am listening to the sweet sound of Evan sucking on his tube-music to my ears! It is the sweetest sound I’ve heard!!!
Tomorrow there will be a walk-a-thon in honor of Evan at Chumuckla Elementary! They are having a coin drive this week and so many stories have been shared with me of the sweet students there being so selfless and bringing their coins in. From giving up their coveted ice cream money to bringing in change they’ve been saving for 3 years-these stories have SO touched my heart. I was sharing some of them with Brent yesterday and he got chill bumps on his arms. It is so comforting to know that we have such a supportive family behind us. And I say family because that is what Chumuckla Elementary staff and students are to me! I love everyone there so much and cannot imagine being anywhere else in my career! Brent and I are so thankful for everything that CES has done for us and Evan over the past 6 months. They’ve traveled this journey with us since November and have been nothing short of amazing!! Thank you so much Chumuckla family-you’ll never know how much it means to us!!
Evan is sleeping away so Brent and I are going to go and grab some lunch. I’ll update next week after we have some more answers from the doctors.

 Love from the Wolfe family