Better Tuesday Morning :) PTL

Just wanted to write a quick update and let everyone know that Evan’s white count dropped-thank goodness and is back in normal range. His blood gases have been good throughout the night and they have been able to wean off his oxygen and rate. We were so happy to hear that he had a good night and good morning! This will be a good day!! Praise The Lord- God is good ALL THE TIME!! 🙂
Also, we were so glad to walk in this morning and see his little head without an IV in it!

Rough Monday, Great Weekend

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were great days for Evan. He was doing great with his ventilator settings and his levels were pretty much remaining steady, with small adjustments having to be made occasionally. He had quite a few visitors: Honey Nana (my mom), MiMi (his mom), Paw Paw (my dad), Brent’s dad (I’m not sure what he plans to be called), Aunt Kendall, Uncle Ryne, and Aunt DeDe (our wonderful friend Deanna). He had even  (finally) opened his eyes Saturday. We were so excited to see his precious little peepers! When Brent would talk to him he would turn his head and look for him and open those eyes. What a blessing and we are so thankful for the small things. We’d been told that we may get to hold him Sunday or Monday. Sunday he was a little restless but nothing drastic.  Sunday night after visiting with Evan and reading him a goodnight story, “On the Night You Were Born”, we headed back to the Ronald McDonald house and were hoping for a good night’s sleep. We had a great night’s sleep and woke up later than usual this morning. My mom is here for the week so we all got ready for a day at the hospital. Once we arrived at the hospital we got breakfast and then headed back to see our precious baby boy. Upon arrival we met his nurse for the day, Jewell, and she informed us that he’d had a rough morning. His blood gases were low so they’d had to go up on his ventilator settings and some of his other levels were not where they wanted them to be. They had suspected that his tube may have been bad so they intubated him again, but the blood gases did not improve after this change, meaning that it wasn’t a bad tube but something else going on. They were running a lot of blood work to check for infection which could be causing stress and therefore causing his blood gases to be low and his other levels to be off. The nurse practioner came in and told us that if his blood gases did not improve they’d have to put him back on the jet ventilator (oscillator), that he’d been on in Pensacola. We knew this was not good news! I pray all the time but began to pray so fervently for good blood gases and for them to figure out what was going on. I also began texting prayer warriors because I knew this was a valley and prayer would lift Evan up and he surely needed it this morning. They also gave him some more pain medicine because he was clearly very uncomfortable. After doing all this and running another blood gas Jennifer, the nurse practioner for the day, came in and told us that it was much better! PTL!!! She also said his white blood count was elevated from this morning’s blood work and that was a little concerning. The plan is to now run another blood gas in 2 hours and hope to see that it is continuing to improve as well as to run some more blood work at 4 to check for elevated white count again. It could have been thrown off by stress or he could have some sort of infection. If it is still elevated at 4 they will go ahead and give him an antibiotic to hopefully nip the problem. My Aunt Teena told me last week that there will be good days and bad days and clearly this is just one of those bad days but the doctors and nurses are working through it. It’s just very hard to watch your baby so helpless and hurting! This morning while sitting in his room and watching them work so hard on him I just kept praying and I knew that everything would work out. I was reminded of a scripture that Dr. Thorp had texted me last week-Mark 11:22-2422 “Have faith in God,” Jesus answered. 23 “TrulyA)’> 24 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.
He reminds Brent and I of this everytime we speak with him and give him updates on Evan. I’ve been leaning so heavily on this scripture for the past 13 days! I know that God has huge plans for my little boy and this is just part of our journey!! Please continue to pray for us as this is a very trying and stressful time. We love all of you and are so thankful that Evan has so many people that love him and are praying for him.  I will update again soon! 🙂  Oh and I’ll also add some pictures when I get to an actual computer! He is too precious for words (even if I am a little biased).