Admitted to Hospital-VERY low AFI and SEVERE ascites

Well, when we went to our dr appointment today we received news that wasn’t exactly what we were hoping for. The AFI (amniotic fluid) was down to 1.7. Dr. Thorp was there and he thoroughly checked out Evan. He said that he felt like the best thing for us to do at this time would be to admit me and plan to do another stent procedure tomorrow in the hopes that this would reduce the SEVERE ascites that is on Evan’s abdomen. He said the risk of that is that we are taking a chance of forcing delivery if Evan doesn’t do well during the procedure but he really thinks we need to get that fluid off the abdomen because if Evan has to be delivered and he is having trouble breathing the ascites will cause even more complications. So, here we are in the hospital waiting on our stent procedure tomorrow at 11:30. They are giving me magnesium sulfate to help with brain development and a round of steroids to help with lung development-just in case! We will know more tomorrow after the stent procedure. Dr. Thorp said that if Evan isn’t in a good position he will just bag the procedure and keep watching him. He said there is a possibility that I’ll be in the hospital the duration of the pregnancy. We are just praying for God’s peace and for him to be with Dr. Thorp tomorrow as well as for Evan to be in a good position and handle the procedure well tomorrow. This was not what we expected BUT we know we are in the best place and that God has his hand on our little fighter! Keep praying for us and for things to go smoothly tomorrow! Hopefully I’ll be able to update tomorrow.

31 week and low fluid

Wednesday we had our weekly appointment and found out some news that wasn’t the best-but could definitely be worse! The ascites on the abdomen had increased and the amniotic fluid surrounding Evan had went down to 7 from the previous week being 16. This was a little cause for concern as they don’t want your fluid below 5. It is completely normal for your fluid levels to fluctuate but Dr. Beiswenger didn’t like that it had decreased that much in just a week. He asked us what our opinion was on having another procedure and we told him that whatever they thought was needed was what we wanted to do. He said that the thing about putting stents in again was that they could move in a day’s time and the procedure is so risky. He did say that we needed to make a plan. He suggested that we come back next week with the plan to have the ascites drawn off the abdomen and placed into the amniotic sac. This is just a one needle stick procedure and less invasive than having the stents again. Dr. Thorp has done this before (when I had my amnio and then a couple weeks later again) and I feel ok about having this done. Dr. B said that the less fetal interventions we have to do the better and that there is no “right” answer about draining the fluid between now and delivery. If we go on Monday and if the ultrasound shows that the AFI (amniotic fluid) has increased then they will NOT do the procedure and we will just continue to be watched. They definitely will drain the ascites when he is born but they just don’t know if the benefits of it outweigh the risks while in utero. Every time they “poke” there are risks involved and they just want to do that as little as possible. We feel confident in the decisions that our doctors make though and I know they wouldn’t do anything they didn’t feel is necessary. We’ve put this is God’s hands and I told Brent this morning after my devotional that sometimes I need to be reminded about doing that. The devotional this morning reminded me to pray continually and to ask God and it will be given! This has been such a journey for us, which I know isn’t even close to over, and I need to be reminded to pray continually and leave it in God’s hands. It’s easy to try and want to fix it ourselves. Please pray for us to go on Monday and there to be plenty of fluid and they will not need to do the procedure. Also, please pray that if they do have to do the procedure that it goes smoothly and without complication or breaking the membranes. I will try to post an update on Monday evening! Have a great weekend and try to stay dry 🙂