Today’s Dr Appt

Well, we ventured out in the bad weather this afternoon to check on our baby boy. After a very quick ultrasound we saw Dr. Thorp. He said that everything looked great! He said it was amazing the difference that the stents are making and how different of a case we have now versus before the procedure. There are a few things that we have to keep an eye on (amniotic fluid, ureters, etc) but he said that the ascites being gone is a testament to how awesome God is!! Brent and I knew that so much ascites was not a good thing but today Dr. Thorp said that no matter what others may think (Dr. Quintero…) he knew we did the right thing in having the procedure to place the stents because a baby with that much ascites would NOT have developed correctly! Dr Thorp said that cases like ours make him so happy because it reminds him how faithful God is! All we had to say to that was “AMEN!!” We were feeling so awesome after our quick and easy appointment that we went and registered at Target and Toys R Us. That was exhausting, fun, and quite interesting. I feel like we have some tweaking to do to the registry but I feel better at least having began that! This weekend we are having a big yard sale to get ready for Evan’s arrival-we have to have somewhere to put his stuff! After registering it was even more evident how much we need to have this yard sale because it’s crazy how much stuff one tiny human needs! 🙂 But we are, of course, willing to get rid of whatever we need to in order to make room for our precious baby! Every week that passes we get more and more excited about having him here! We are blessed immeasurably and have been so thankful in the past couple months for everything we have! God is so awesome!! Keep praying for our baby to continue to develop and grow the way that he is supposed to. We will be going back next Thursday to check on him again! Have an awesome week and a great weekend! God bless!

All looks good

Brent and I had another appointment on Thursday afternoon. We saw Dr. Dobak (after a really long wait and really long ultrasound-they did another echo and measurements). He came in and scanned and said he was just amazed at how well it was all looking at this point. It really is amazing to know how Evan’s abdomen looked before the procedure and to look at it now. He said that the ureters were still a little dilated (which we expected) but that the bladder wasn’t and to come back in a week for our checkup. He said things looked great but they are still a little nervous and want to keep a close eye on Evan. We completely expected this and asked him if we (for sure) were going to be coming back weekly so we could go ahead and schedule all our appointments ahead of time. He said to go ahead and do that, that they will be checking on us every week. Brent and I were pretty sure that this was how it was going to go (Dr. Dobak had told us before) but we wanted to just double check again. We will go back next Wednesday (and every Wednesday in February) to check on things. All the glory is to God for giving the doctors the ability to put the stents in our little baby for him to be able to grow the best he can while he is inside of me!

When I got to school on Wednesday my dear, sweet coworker Tracey had this for me. It brought me to tears! I have really struggled (and continue to) be as excited as I should be about Evan’s impending arrival. I cannot wait for him to get here but as a mother, I am so worried about my baby and want him to just get fixed ASAP! I pray about this diligently every day and have shared my concerns frequently with Tracey and she told me “It’s time for you to get excited about this precious baby boy!” She gave me this diaper baby and sweet little letter from Evan. When I held the diaper baby it definitely helped me visualize what it is going to be like to hold my son! I really cannot wait and I am so excited to start this journey. I sent a picture to Brent and he was just as touched as I was. We are surrounded by the best group of family and friends that we could possibly imagine-God has blessed us in so many ways!!!


Then on Friday my friend Nikki told me to check my Facebook and this is what I found…..
Her sweet Lucas, who is already three months old (I can hardly believe it-seems like he just arrived), is going to be best friends with our Evan! Nikki and I have been friends since 6th grade and we just know our boys will be lifelong friends as well!! 🙂

We are still praying for our baby boy to come to us as healthy as possible! We know he will have to be tweaked and we are praying that God gives the doctors all the knowledge and ability they need to be able to do just what our sweet baby needs!
Only 13 weeks to go..time is flying!!
I should have maternity pictures to share next week….we will see how our photo shoot goes this afternoon.
God Bless and I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!