Unexpected News

What a day!!  We got up early this morning, had breakfast, and headed over to the hospital. Our taxi driver had gotten us there WAY earlier than we anticipated and so we were about an hour early for the appointment. Once we got to the waiting room I realized I had a missed call on my phone from Dr. Quintero’s office. I listened to it and was told by the ultrasound tech that he had emergency surgery and that our appointment was being rescheduled to 11. So we knew at that point we were going to have a very long morning ahead of us. Time ticked by, and 11 came…and went. Around 11:20 the lady that had registered me came out and told me that the tech should be back soon. Finally!! Well….about an hour passed by and we were all getting very anxious until finally the ultrasound tech came in.  She apologized profusely and said that they were shortstaffed because of the holiday. All of us were very understanding and just glad to finally be seen! First they checked my cervix and said that it looked great and then they did an ultrasound..that lasted for over an hour!! We did get to see our precious baby boy’s little face! So sweet! The tech then said she had to do some calculating and that she would be back with the doctor in a little bit. Again, waiting. So we waited about 30 minutes and in they finally came. The doctor said they were seeing a hole in the baby’s heart and they could not find what was causing the lower obstruction. Therefore, leading him to believe there was some other kind of issue/syndrome causing this to happen and told us that the shunts would not be beneficial at this point. Neither would it be beneficial to drain the abdomen, since there are risks associated with that every time. There is plenty of fluid around the baby, so somehow the baby is being able to release some urine. He said that at this time all we could really do was a few more tests that would target some other syndromes that we previously had not discussed. He said he would contact Dr. Thorp about doing this ASAP with cells they already had from previous samplings. The fact that they were seeing several different birth defects left him to believe thre is a syndrome causing them.  He sent us on our way back home with uneasy minds as well as hearts. As soon as we left the hospital and got to a quiet place, we called Dr. Thorp’s office and left a message. He called us back and talked to us about some of the possiblities. He said he wanted us to come back for a visit to his office next Friday to discuss test results and what is going on. He told us to pray over the week and told us to call him on his cell phone if we had any questions. Being so sideswiped with this news both of us were very much in shock and we were having a hard time thinking of questions at the time. Within 5 minutes of getting off the phone with Dr. Thorp I was writing questions down. We just do not know what to expect for our baby boy. As of now, we are going to head home in the morning. Brent and I plan to sit down and really think of all the questions we have and what some possibilities for our baby boy may be and plan to call Dr. Thorp on Sunday evening and discuss all our questions and what the future may possibly hold for us. Please continue to keep us in your prayers! We appreciate all the support, love, and prayers we have received from everyone!

Headed to Miami

We finally received a phone call this morning from Dr. Quintero’s office in Miami saying that our insurance had approved an appointment and asked us to be down there on Friday morning at 9 AM. This felt so much like an answered prayer because Brent and I had really been feeling anxious about having the procedure performed ASAP. We had discussed possibly having our dr here in Pensacola perform the procedure because he can do it but really suggested we have the BEST do it. We were just feeling like the more time that passed, the more we were putting our baby at risk and we didn’t know when we were going to be able to get in for an appointment in Miami. Brent called our doctor here both Friday and Monday, leaving messages that we were getting anxious and asking the doctor call us back if possible. Sure enough, as we were relaxing this morning-after our VERY busy Christmas, we got the call from Miami. We had a really difficult time finding a hotel but after a few hours of searching finally found one, made reservations for through the weekend and we began to pack. Both of us are feeling pretty anxious as we really do not know exactly what this visit holds for us. From what the website says we will go in on Friday for an ultrasound and consultation and then the procedure will be scheduled. I think we can pretty much plan on being down there for 3-4 days but I’m just not exactly sure because of the weekend and impending holiday next week. I will update the blog on Friday evening (hopefully) when we know more. The two of us, as well as our moms, will be hitting the road tomorrow morning to head down there. Please pray for safe travels and great news from the doctor when we go for our appointment on Friday! I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!! God Bless!